Ocean View, New Jersey
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At drop off window I had a two page prescription drafted by Urologist Theodore Wagner, M.D. for Cialis 30mg along with my discount card.

Tech "Kerri" ripped the front page from the second page without using a stable remover. Never looked at customer--no eye contact. Kerri said you'll need to go somewhere for a while because it will take me quite a bit of time to enter this and get a price for you. This was strange as I was the only one there at her window.

I walked around the store for 15 minutes and came back to the Kerri window. She said your price is 295.43 but you'll have to wait at least another 45 minutes since only two of us are working in this pharmacy until 1:00pm. She used a sharp, unpleasant voice although never looking at me the customer. Kerri never smiled once, had an unpleasant voice and gave me the clear indication she was over-worked and resented the work load.

She does not represent Wal-Mart Pharmacy in a good way. Both my wife and I have accounts with this pharmacy and do not appreciate such unpleasant treatment.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Maybe she did not look at you because she saw you for a few seconds and already knew you were a bitter person? I feel bad for your wife having to put up with you 24/7.


I'm glad you feel the need to embellish how awful the service was with how horrible your prescription was treated by not having a staple remover used. Gotta try and maximize bad service by any means necessary, huh?

You use a staple remover to minimize damage to documents that will be kept but need to be separated. Your precious prescription is getting scanned then shredded.

The fact that this was your first point makes me wary of the severity of your other accusations. Go find a better reason for your panties to start twisting.


What makes you think she needs to smile for you and kiss your AS@S?