Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
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I bought a webcam from Wal-Mart. I got home and found that it was defective and after some thought, decided just to get a refund rather than exchange it.

I went to customer service in Wal-Mart and asked for a refund after explaining what was wrong with the webcam. Well, the Wal-Mart associate decided not to refund my money because of their "software policy". This basically states that any software purchased that has been opened and determined to be defective may be exchanged for the same product. This policy is understandable due to pirating and copying issues but I hardly think this should apply to proprietory software included with hardware.

Most hardware you buy has software included to enable the hardware to be used. In this case, the webcam was defective, now what could I possibly need with the disc that was included in the box? It's not like it is something that could be copied and used without the webcam. Based on this, Wal-Mart is really irritating me.

I have had to take this up with corporate who incidentally, has not responded to my complaints. Buyer beware..

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