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I recently purchased a 15qt oil drain from Wal-Mart in Winnsboro, SC. Obviously their quality standards are very low.

They must not inspect their product quality either. This is a major issue especially when dealing with the environment. I drained my oil out of my car into this pan and I went inside to grab something and when I came back there was oil all over the street. Thank God I wasn't in my drive way.

I thought I might have missed the pan until I lifted it up and discovered a fair sized hole in the bottom. Bottom line, Wal-Mart should know the quality of products on their shelf.

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I bought a smaller oil drain pan from wal-mart, it leaks. quality is poor for cheaper...

WM demands the cheapest price for it's customer. We help cause this...


If your so worried about the environment why are you driving a gas guzzling combustion vehicle!!! Don't try to pull the whole environmentally friendly card, if you were worried about the environment that much you would be driving an electric, or a moped. I bet if you stood under that oil pan as I was getting ready to urinate in it, you would inspect it real quick LOL!!!


oh great, because you chose to shop at a store that brags about how cheap it's stuff is, five quarts of dirty oil is now on the ground and in our water system.

Hard to say who sucks more, you or Wal-Mart. I vote you.

Where were you going to put the used oil, which is a known carcinogen, anyway? Pour it down the drain? How 'bout next time you spend the extra .99 cents and buy american, meaning probably not from wal-mart.

Or better yet, spend the extra 5 bucks and have your oil changed at a Jiffy-lube or some other oil change grive through. The city will spend an estimated $1100.00 to clean up your little oil spill.Thanks a bunch for your pollution.


You don't want to waste your time inspecting stuff you are buying, fine. Don't.

No one cares.

Just don't come crying about it later. Still - no one cares.


I would rather spend a few days of my life inspecting things and have a better quality of life than spend even more time running up to walmart and back constantly returning things I never inspect. but, hey what do I know, just seems like common sense to me


I am sorry, silly me for not thinking "hey, I bet there is a hole in the bottom of this pan I better look to find out". It is the stores fault for having poor quality.

This is what quality control is there for. To prevent a poor quality product from reaching the end user. If I inspected everything I purchased I would spend approximatley 253 hours off of my life. I think that people should just do the job they are paid to do.

That is what is wrong with this country. Lazy.


It is WAL-MART!! even they advertise how cheap their products are!!!

Do you even look at things before you buy them?! people!! JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, ON SALE, ISLE 12!!!


Everything they have is made in china by slave labor, you get what you pay for.

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