Bella Vista, Arkansas
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Today I went to walmart in Lowell Ar. and for the 5th time got to the check outs and was charged the wrong price.

The counter has 19.00 and get chareged 29.96 and they will not give it to you for the 19.00 This is the 5th time in this store.

Next time I will call and have them investegated and they can be charged for all the wrong prices in this store.This is NOT good customer service and I am pissed. The last time it was a desk chair marked on the box 49.00 and it rang up for 99.00 and the manager would not honor.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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you should not have to get down and read all the fine print. you look at the price and if you want it you buy it.

It has nothing to do with being able to read. I guess you (Irish) work for Wm so learn how to put the right price on the right product!


Why are you not shopping with your parents when you obviously cannot read. You have to make sure the price matches the product. Till you are old enough to do that you should not be shopping alone.


I am a Manager in retail and have been for years. if we mark it wrong or don't get price changes done we honor our mistake.

I do understand customers move things around and put things out of place, that I can forgive. But when wm employees put things up and don't change the price thats not right if they don'y honor


I've had this happen.... I simply say "Oh, well it must have been in the wrong spot, well never mind I don't want it if that's the price..."

No harm to me, Just leave it at the register and dont buy it....Nobody is hurt :x


I had that happen when I purchased a Bissell rug cleaner, they honored the $10 difference in price. I think it's an individual store/management decision. I would report it to corporate.


This has happened to me too at Wal-mart! They had tables on sale for $22 when they were originally $30, so I picked one up and when I checked it out, it rang up at the $30 price!

I argued with them for 10 minutes and they had someone go back to look and --of course-- that person couldn't find the display I was talking about, so I said I'd take them back there and show them myself, and they finally caved in and gave it to me for the lowered price.

It's terrible! Walmart sucks.