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I ordered emergency lights online for my family in Flordia for the up coming Hurricane. They lights were to be delivered several days prior to the Hurrican coming to the Usa...2 day shipping (should have been delivered by Fri, Sept.8th).

The problem is Walmart decided to send the lights Ups ground with them arriving after the hurrican (6 day shipping). Now my family is stuck with out proper lights for a dangerous hurrican and they expect power outages to last along time. Thanks for saving a few dollars on shipping walmart and putting my family in danger.

We counted on those lights. You let us down big time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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iif you are in danger from not having lights, how are you on a computer, complaining about it... shouldnt you go talk to ups instead of walmart... gads some people are so petty trying to defend their own stupidity


Pissed consumer members are fighting over this while hurricane Irma hit Florida.



Gary R.

I have been a Walmart customer for years and cannot believe the callous response you made to a Military family. I don't personally know this family in Jacksonville Fl.

I have Military family in Jacksonville also that were ordered to stay like this family for work. I wish I had thought ahead and sent person supplies myself. I am sure certain members of this family were not permitted to evacuate because of Commmand orders to stay to be available to serve their community in search and rescue after the hurricane. It sounds like the rest of this family evacuated very early.

This person was trying to support her Military person with personal supplies not provided by the Military. I am very grateful that there are people in the Military willing to put themselves in very dangerous harms way to save civilians who did not evacuate even when there were mandatory evacuation orders in place. It's very sad to me that you have no appreciation for our Service members in the Military. My days as a Walmart shopper have come to an end because they hire people like you who have no empathy or appreciation for our Military members who are willing to give their all in defense our our great nation.

I think I will contact Walmart headquarters and bring your arrogant comments to this person to their attention. I wonder how many of their other customers you have treated like this, but Headquarters needs to know you are driving customers away from Walmart.

As a Military family myself, believe me this will be shared with our entire Command, and I am going to contact the Atlantic Fleet HQ. You may not know or understand but the Military is a very tight family and how you treat one family the Military feels you have dishonored the entire Miliary family.


Former Walmart Shopper


Exactly what do you expect Walmart Headquarters to do about Gary R posting his opinion on this website?

Exactly what do you expect the entire Command to do about Gary R posting his opinion on this website?

Exactly what do you expect the Atlantic Fleet HQ to do about Gary R posting his opinion on this website?

Exactly what do you hope to accomplish by doing all of this?

Exactly how do you know that Gary R is a Walmart employee?


This has absolutely nothing to do with a military family. The response probably would have been the same if it wasn't a military family.

Thank you for your service but please quit pulling out that card every time someone offends your sensibilities. Although I see nothing in this post to indicate the OP is military. You know there are civilians who live in Jacksonville, right?

Assuming this family is military, however, as you have just suggested, the military makes plans well in advance and trains there personnel for emergencies just like this. In some respects the military has better knowledge and preparation than the rest of us.

So this really boils down to decisions.

I live in Virginia and they have been talking about this hurricane for nearly 2 weeks. Certainly enough time to order these emergency lights from the beginning of the warnings. But again, a decision was made to order on-line rather than going to the store to buy them there. No one really rushes stores until the storm is imminent.

The governor said get out of the state.

Maybe they could maybe they couldn't leave - we'll never know. But there's a whole lot more here than your assumptions that Gary was insulting a military family.


thank you.. let me agree and add this..

i dont live in hurricane country, i live in tornado alley.. no warning before power outages... we purchase, in feb or march, the supplies needed for a storm, the lights, batteries bottled water etc for the just in case storm. and i am confused, does the military really force people to stay in the eye of a deadly storm and not even supply them with a flashlight, or anything?

thats *** in itself. they couldnt go to another store, instead of expecting a store to bring in what everyone is trying to get away froom.. walmart is expected to maintain delivery schedules during times when thier governor is telling them all to get out of the state.....??

we need to then rename walmart, st. walmart or something.


We're sorry to hear that your lights didn't arrive on time. You see, the lights you ordered for the hurricane were delayed...

due to the hurricane. But as you know, staying in Florida is what put your family in danger, not the fact that you didn't have lights. While we always hope that you are satisfied with your purchases and the high quality of service we provide, please don't blame us for your decisions. You can ship the lights back to us for a full refund, provided that they are unused and still in the box.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-925-6278.

Thanks, and we hope you make better decisions in the future!

Gary R., Walmart Online Customer Service Rep. #0013428

@Gary R

Wow, they had to stay for the Hurricane due to work. I drove down on Thursday to bring sandbags, supplies and bring family members to Maryland for safty.

I didn't bring lights because I received notice they were instock and being shipped due to be delivered by September 8th. Then Wal-Mart changed the shipment to ground ups not due for delivery until Sept 11th. They still have not been delivered as of 9/12. UPS said they were originally shipped with a delivery date of 9/11 ...

It wasn't that they were delayed due to the hurricane. It was false advertising of 2 day delivery.


Yes, we will make better decisions in the future by not shopping at Wal-Mart!!!

@Gary R

Your a fake person and a wise *** at should lose whatever job you do have no customer service skills.