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I am pretty pissed at Wal-Mart. I am one of those people who memorizes the prices of just about every single thing I purchase.

I guess I do this because I work with a budget and stick with that budget as much as possible. A few years back, a can of Pringles was 88 cents. It has slowly increased to $1.50. Do you get any more Pringles?

NO. A 2 liter of Sams Cola used to be 56 cents, then went to 67 cents, now it's anywhere from 78 cents to $1.00. Do you get any more Cola? NO.

One of those bottles of soda that are in the machines used to be 75 cents, but now they are $1.29. That's more than a 2 liter of Pepsi. Does that make sense to anyone, or am I just ***? And Pepsi prices brings me to a whole other rant.

I know a person who works at Wal-Mart, who shall remain nameless, but he is in the "pricing" area of their stores. He told me the other day that their Pepsi product is 100% profit. Now, I'm not sure how this works, surely they have to pay something for the product, but he said they charge enough that they make 100% profit off of it. That really grinds my gears too.

I'm only using these things as an example, I don't necessarily drink Pepsi, or eat Pringles, so don't start nailing me about my diet. Maybe I need to do some research on inflation, but for some reason having huge increases in price, but no increase in amount of product makes me really angry.

It also cuts into my budget, making it more difficult to live.

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They can raise and lower their prices as much as they want. Usually all business raise and lower prices at the same time. If you don't like the prices shop around instead of complaining about high prices.


Walmart is a ripoff. They also raise their product prices the first of the month when they know the welfare and WIC check recipients are going to shop.

Since last year I have noticed an increasing trend for Walmart to jack up their prices on some items over 50%. A 14 oz bottle of Dawn (old Dawn) was 97 cents but now it is $1.50. A 1lb of butter was 1.96 and now is 2.44. Those are dramatic increases and this is happening all over the store.

I also noticed Walmart stopped running the ad they had out in the last couple of months touting their price cuts. Yeah, they price cut some items and make up for it by raising others. The saddest part about it that all of them do this to the consumers.

Big business sticking it to us once again. I hope old man Sam Walton is turning over in his grave because his money grubbing kids have turned his business into a greed machine.


The real problem is you can basically use any name to post, so if the OP is saying she did not post all those things we should give her the benefit of doubt, especially since this *** has been going on for a while. See I just posted with your username. There is no way to prevent this.



This is clearly the most convoluted cluster of psycho-babble I've read on here yet. All the iterations of jklewis, at least one post by mulch, AND Phillygirl are obviously authored by the writer of the OP.

The problem is that he couldn't keep track of who he was and started writing letters to himself...heh heh.

Yeah the whole inflation thing sucks but it wasn't caused by Walmart. Walmart just does what it has to do to stay in business and that means keeping up with inflation. They also are in business to be profitable, that means they will charge whatever people are willing to pay.

That's Basic Economics 101. Being unemployed sure doesn't help your situation but you can't expect the American economy to come to a halt until you get a job.


Last week I purchased a Canon camera from walmart for $849. I liked the camera and decided to return this week and buy one for my son, but I was shocked that the new price for the same camera was now $899.

A $50 increase in just a few days. :cry

This was the Canon T2i 550D


Shut up Trevor. You work there and you don't care about us customers.

If you notice the prices getting higher you should at least tell a manager about how it is unfair. I am unemployed and cannot afford that much.

I am a single parent. I have also by the law and by CPS orders have to take a parenting and anger management class in order to keep my children.


"I am getting confused myself, reading these comments. Mulch, are you pretending to be me too?"

Mulch is not pretending to be you, neither is the other person. It is most likely one person. Happens all the time on this stie. Usually it is children and teenagers wanting attention or wanting to stir up trouble because their parents don't monitor them and use the internet as a babysitter. Really you can post anyname when you post a reply here. Infact I could enter your name if I wanted to.

I have worked at wal-mart for four years and the price of chocolate in those four or so years have went up from 67 cents to 98 cents. Live in Ontario where they just introduced a new tax. "HST". THis started July 1st and basically everything over 5 cents is taxed when before something had to cost eight cents to be taxed.

Even the grocery stores I go to near my house have had raises in prices. It is like an illness, once one company raises their prices a few cents, the other's follow. This is speaking Canadian prices. I remember a bag of chips costing less than a dollar. Then one place charged more than a dollar. This I thought was overpriced. Now everywhere you get a bag of chips for one dollar.


Thank you, you are right these people are idiots. I write a letter and no one agrees with me.

I am through with these idiots. I just wanted to know about why the prices are raised so much and all these people are harassing me. I am not five years old, I don't live under a rock.

I wrote this letter and only I am allowed to tell people off and accuse them of being children because I own copy rights to this letter. Besides I am pretty sure I was in the correct account when I wrote those other replies.


You are idiots.


I am getting confused myself, reading these comments. Mulch, are you pretending to be me too?

This is very immature and infantile. I am pretty much done wasting my time on this site. Until there is a secure login, I will not post again. So, all of you can rest assured that any furthr posts from my id are not me.

Thanks for the positives that came from this. Thanks Phillygirl for having enough sense to know who was me and who wasn't. I am not a "hater" so I'm not going to trash talk anybody.

Take care, and happy Wal-Mart shopping. :)


Confused u are confused because some low lifes have hijacked kjlewis' name and are posting under it. If u re read all the posts they don't make since but you can obviously pick out the real kjlewis. Get a life you teenie boppers!


Obviously some of the people on here have way too much time on their hands if they have the time to accuse someone of signing on under another account to reply to there own comment. They also must be English Teachers if they have the time to go through and check grammer and spelling.

Get a life people and stop attacking people.

Use this site for what it is intended for. If you don't have an opinion that pertains to the subject than move on!


I think kjlewis wrote the letter and is using other names to agree with herself and isn't women enough to admit it. Or maybe some kid wrote this letter, did not get replies and is spicing the letter up by creating fake arguments. However when several people proved her wrong she went ahead and denied any wrongdoing despite teh fact that some of the people agreeing with her are posting with her username.


I also agree with the person who wrote this letter. They are right.


I agree with you. Your letter explains it all.

Thanks for sharing your letter.

I fully agree with what you are saying. Just ignore the idiots who are posting nean things.


I am confussed here who wrote the letter mulch or Kjlewis?


This site is more of a trollfest than a professional site. I think 90 percent of the regulars are teens.

We even have a regular member (12 years old) who makes complaints about silly things such as how his right were "violated" because he was arrested for shoplifting and wanted to take the fifth, then how his rights were again violated because he was told to leave the store he was banned from.

Now he is making a false post about how an associate made a racist post over the intercom.

I would not be surprised if someone is using your name to attack other users has happened before. Just ignore the trolls.


One more thing. I have only one identity and it is Kjlewis.

The person posting under the other names are pretending to be me. I am not them.

As you can see I only have one identity Kjlewis. Those other's are imposters.


I am not going to keep wasting my time arguing with wether or not I responded to my own post. I have one identity on here, and it's kjlewis.

I am hoping the person who wrote the comment that you all are accusing me of writing steps up to the plate and puts this matter to rest. Quite honestly, it's getting old. My original rant was about Wal-Mart, it still is about Wal-Mart. Not about who speaks english, who capitalizes a sentence or uses correct punctuation.

It's not about how a person lives, where a person lives, how old a person is, or whom that person voted for. For goodness sake! I am now, and have always been a person who owns up to whatever it is I did.

Good or bad. If I am woman enough to do something, then I'm certainly woman enough to admit that I did it.


Thanks for replying to my letter mulch. All these people except you and Ihearyakjlewis!

are children. Like I said inflation happens, however this is price gouging. I only have one account jklewis. I am not ihearyajklewis.

When I wrote this letter I thought the site was called 'pissedconsumer". I guess the has lots of children here. Carol S. Shut up.

You guys if you don't have anything positive to say stop posting on MY letter. Go and play outside.

Cathy you shut up as well. Everyone except mulch and ihearyajklewis leave my letter and don't post anymore.