My wife (Federal employee) may listen to music at work. I purchased her special birthday gift: 80GB Zune, $200 plus Walmart's "Extended Warranty".

WalMart manager claimed we "abused" it, bending and breaking off charging connectors, so they refused repair -- twice. Sure: don't you all love to jam forks into charger ports? What a riot! The lying manager lied about 2 things: 1-You can *not* appeal: "I am it", and 2-"I'll mail you Warranty tomorrow" -- 6 months ago!

A downloaded warranty said we can appeal -- and *never* received his copy! We own a $200 Zune paperweight!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You people are being idiots. If he wants to tell everyone his wife is a federal agent I'm pretty sure he can.

But the point is that walmart wouldn't honor an extended warranty that he payed extra for. My advice, take it up with a lawyer.


This whole story sounds made up. The extended warranty isn't even with Walmart, it's through a separate company, so I doubt the manager actually said that when he/she could've just told you Walmart only accepts returns on mp3 players for up to 30 days after they're purchased.

And Zune makes it, Walmart just sells it. Why don't you take it up with them instead?


shes a federal employee, well, there is your answer. and it wasnt a fork, it was a spork, from KFC. if it wont charge they do make wireless chargers, it's true, look it up.


No one cares of your wife works for the federal government. Seriously no one cares.

So how did the drive get broke? I think she was forcing the power plug in to the port wrong and tried to use serious force. So If that is the case then you are at fault unless your warranty says different. But I doubt your warranty covers stupidity.

Now why in the *** dod you throw $200 away for a little 80 gig drive anyway?

You must be very *** to waste that kind of money.

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