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My husband bought an iPod nano for me for my birthday. It quit working after the manufacturer warranty expired. Lucky for us (or so we thought) he had purchased the replacement plan from Wal-Mart. It said I would get replacement "In as little as 24 hours*"

January 29 my husband called Product Assist and was told they were sending an envelope in the mail and it would be here in two weeks. We live in a small town in a rural area and we can't get mail at our street address so he gave them our P.O. Box number, they said they needed a street address as well for UPS. The envelope didn't come.

He called again 2/12/2011 and was sent a mailing label for UPS via email. We followed the instructions and sent in the iPod, he kept the tracking number.

2/23/2011 I called to check the status and was told by Aaron they hadn't recieved the iPod. I checked the tracking number myself and it had been delivered 2/21/2011, two days prior. I called back and explained to Mike the situation, he said they would send a check that I should recieve in 10 days. I didn't really want an out of state check so I spoke to Angie, a supervisor, who told me they couldn't fund the gift card because there had been multiple requests for a shipping package. She explained that the first phone call counted as one request and the email counted as a second request. Fine.

I wait the 10 days and call back 3/4/2011 and am told by Arlia that the check would be here by 3/15/2011 and she confirmed my address. They had the street address as the mailing address. She changed the address to the PO Box. She said it may have been already sent to the street address. I didn't think it would be a problem because I have been sent things by friends and business' before that had our street address and our small post office has put it in our PO Box.

3/15/2011 I didn't receive the check so I called back and spoke with Aaron again and then I spoke with the supervisor Steven who explained that the check was issued late and would be here by 4/1/2011.

It didn't come. I gave them a few extra days believing that I just needed to be patient because they told me the check was on its way. I called 4/8/2011 because I still had not recieved anything. I spoke with Katrina. She said they would issue a stop payment for my check and that that would take 10 days. I then spoke with yet another supervisor Rick, who apologized and said that since I have had so many problems he would submit a request for a check to be overnighted to me and that if it was approved for overnight shipping I should have it by 4/12/2011 and if not it should be here by 4/22/2011.

So I didn't get my check again today. I called and spoke with Amber who said my check was issued 4/21/2011. When I asked her why it was issued 4/21 when I was told 4/8 I should have it by 4/22 she said, "would you like to speak with a supervisor?" I spoke to Rick, my second conversation with him through this, and he said that the claims department was waiting for my change of address to go through and that it just went through yesterday. That would be the change of address I made on 3/4/2011. Now he said my check should be here on 5/4/2011.

This is their last shot. I think 3 months for a replacement plan that promises replacement in "days not weeks" is MORE than fair. I am not looking forward to filing a small claims suit or a bad report with the Better Business Bureau but I will. I feel like they are just running me around so that I will give up, I won't. I have since replaced the iPod myself but it's the principle of the whole thing now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $158.

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Walmart screwed me on a 4k tv sold me the 2 yr product replacement plan for an extra $60 and they now refuse to honor it. I'm out $500 because Walmart refuses to look up my receipt.


hEY I BOUGHT SOMETHING ON WALMART WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY PLAN AND WALMART WONT HONOR IT. They gave me the money back that I paid for the warranty and i am out 40 bucks. RIPOFF


I bougth a 50" in tv and 4 years of protection plan,and after 3 years stop working and start dead pixeles,so I called walmart and make the claim and the technician came home and pick up my tv. After a many back and forth phone calls they email me with and stupid offer of 40" in TV Vizio??????

Wtf??? I refused because i want my money back .dont buy the stupid protection plan from Walmart !!!!!!


Worst care plan ever!!

I bought a kids tablet for my son back on April 2016 from walmart store & I bought a care plan with it . The tablet was working fine for the whole entire year but suddenly it stopped working, so I called walmart care plan & they sent me a return label, I sent the tablet back on 11/06/2017 , few days later received an e-mail saying we revived your tablet will reimburse you within 48 to 72 hours .

Waited for a week nothing was send to me, called them back they said it has to be a replacement not a gift card , they gave me a website where I can make a choice of replacement, I went a head and did that waited a week nothing was send to me .

Called back they said it's with the claim department wating for review. I reached out to the claim department & talked to the agent & they said a supervisor from the care plan needs to override the order, called the care plan talked to the supervisor, she took care of it , waited another week nothing was send to me , called back they said they don't why is taking so long , once they find out they will let me know.


I have to agree we are having problems with tablets I've waited up for a tablet shipping label for eight months when I finally got it in October I shipped it two weeks later I still have no refund. This used to be good coverage and now it's a waste of time and just a headache


yes very sad I'm going through the same thing almost a month without my phone!


I bought an Intex Air Mattress and extended warranty (waste of money) The company would not replace it after a month and Walmart stated they have 15 day return policy with receipt, which I have. Although, it wasn't really costly, it is still money out of my pocket so I am not happy.


Can you elaborate on why the extended warranty was useless? Did the mattress leak or fail in some other way or did it get accidentally damaged?

If so, did Walmart say this warranty didn't cover the particular flaw or damage?

And was this the 2 year so-called Walmart "Care Plan" costing around $5?

- Colin Q. Bang


WOW , omg thats terrible . i had recently bought a RCA voyager 2 tablet from walmart & paid for the warranty as well .

i called product assist and they said they were gonna send me a prepaid letter thru mail & i was gonna receive it in 3-5 days after that i have to send off my tablet & idk what happens next they didn't mention if i get a new one . they just said ill get a gift card for $53 for i guess a new tablet ..

This is ridiculous. I DO NOT recommend buying warranty from walmart ANYMORE .


Yes I brought a phone out of Wal-Mart called and registered it, then when something happened to it I called for a gift card so they issued one out I got it and nothing was on it so I called them back told them they sent me a gift card with nothing on it so they issued me another one and had the same problems had to end up buying me another phone.


I think they like to sell these and confuse the *** out of us and never have to spend a dime! I have a card for a device I bought and I cannot figure out how in the heck to use it! I certainly don't want to go through what you have.


I'm a Walmart employee. We are forced by corporate to sell the protection plans.

We know they are junk.

First off the protection plans are in addition to your manufacturer's warranty, which means the protection plan does not go into effect till year two.

Second off I've heard from other cashiers that the company that you deal with for the protection plan makes you jump through a lot of hoops and hurdles before you can even think about getting a replacement or whatever repaired.

Save yourselves a headache and don't buy the protection plans.


When you ask your customer if they wanna purchase a plan, why not give us customers a HEADS UP that this "protection plan" is a scheme and you dont recommend it ?! Instead of us wasting money on something thats not worth buying .


Same here I was told that my 99.00 appliance was not covered because the power surge I had was not caused by a lightning storm. By the way that was the 3rd customer service person with yet a third reason the first person told me to read the fine print, the second person told me it had to be a power surge, the.

I was denied because apparently they are specific about their power surges. This needs to be shut down ASAP and our $ back.


Looks like I am going through the same thing you are. Long story short, I'm getting *** around like you were and I still have no phone 2 weeks after I sent it in. E gift card not showing up in my email as promised. They said they were "out of stock" of my phone so I opted for the e gift card rather than waiting for a phone to come in since they said it would be 24 to 48 hours to receive the gift card by email. I've called them 4 times now and talked with a "supervisor" as you did; more dicking around. He tells me to wait another 48 hours so they can "re send" it to my email and if that doesn't work he will overnight ship a check to me.

Never again with Walmart as they are apparently such a big monopoly they just do whatever they want to rip people off now.

Places like this need to be buried deep under the ground and never resurrected. Lie after lie. My first red flag was when I had to call them 5 days after they received my old phone and they told me they tried calling me. Funny, they have my phone how am I going to get a call? I have not received one response from the 3 emails I sent them as I had to contact them each time with the same bs replies.


It's called file a law suit . It's not h

ard done it several of times


I have purchased the plan,and never once had an issue getting my money, or my replacement product!


I am glad you had no trouble. Sadly some of us had.


Sent in a Tv for repairs 2 weeks before the Olympics. The Tv was beyond repair and so, a replacement TV was offered which according to them was comparable to what I had.

Asked them to give me a voucher so I could get a different TV. Someone was meant to call me back, which never happened. Made several follow-up calls, and I was told to expect a call back within one business day - which never happened. The last follow-up call I made was on the 3rd of August, and the lady was just rude to me.

I tried to explain to her that all I need was a voucher to get another Tv from Walmart. On the 6th of August I got a voicemail message that the Tv would be delivered to me on the 7th, and for sure it was on my doorstep on the 7th. I took the Tv to Walmart to see if I could get an exchange voucher, but Walmart could not process this since it was not purchased from their store. The receipt that came with the Tv was priced $509, and my original purchase was $845.

Walmart lady was very nice and after consulting with her manager, she called Productassist. I was then told to take the Tv home and expect a call to resolve the issue, and am still waiting and missing out on Olympics.


I have worked in customer service for twelve years and know all to well the false promises you get when dealing over the phone. Sad to say but it's true.

I just filed my claim with Wal-mart for a defective Sony Reader. It hasn't been delivered yet but after reading the letter above I am definitely calling once I see UPS delivered it. I have been promised a refund to a gift card to get my replacement. I am not going to accept a check because I want my money asap as the card promises.

This will be the last time I buy the warranty.

I am sorry you had to go through that but am glad you finally got your money back. Thanks for sharing your experience though.