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A friend gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. Upon opening, I realized the model number on the box did not match the model number on the machine.

I sent the warranty card to Brother for the actual machine. After having to call Brother corporation to obtain the manual and DVD that was not included in the box, I had to call them several more times to speak with tech support only to find out the sewing machine is broken. I obtained the receipt from my friend and took the machine back to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart will not exchange the machine, even with the receipt, because the item is no longer in their system.

Come to find out, even though my friend purchased the machine less than 6 months ago, and has the receipt, the actual machine, according to the serial number, is a 2006 machine.

Regardless of Wal-Mart's return policy (after 90 days with a receipt), they will not return products when they FRAUDULENTLY re-sold a broken machine.

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John N

Typical WalMart scam. Their people are total dopes and mess up all the time.

Someone returned the machine and it was broken. Genius WalMart employee puts machine in different box but same manufacturer because customer who returned it did not bring the box back when returning the machine. Nor did he bring back the manual. Thus, one model machine in another model box.

Genius at WalMart had no idea this would cause a problem. As an aside, your friend should know better than to buy an obviously opened box without verifying it's contents are all there and not broken, etc. I never, ever buy anything in an opened box. Even if I see it is all there, but that's just me.

When I buy something in a box, I always open the box to verify contents.

That's again just me.

Bottom line: don't buy anything from WalMart.