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My friend took her son to the Wal-Mart in Tarentum, PA to buy him some Equate childrens cold pills. While they were in the pop aisle, he put the pills under his arm to grab a two-liter of pop and then held it back in his hand.

When my friend was leaving the store, two security guards stopped then and said that they didn't place the pills on the belt. My friend produced the receipt where the pills were the second item listed. Since these idiots couldn't understand what equ childs cd pills were, they made my friend and her now bawling 9yr. old wait until they took inventory at the pharmacy.

After they proved my friend paid for the pills, no attempt at an apology was made.

How the *** are you going to accuse someone of shoplifting, then find out that you were wrong, walk away while a kid is crying his eyes out? This Wal-Mart likes to play Barney Fife over *** ***!

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Are you surprised that walmart doesn't have competent security guards? They don't want to pay what it would cost to hire and train security that know what they are doing.


Actually I have another confession, it was me who was caught stealing DVD's I am not nine, I am older but I wrote this letter to make the store look bad.


She told me that I need to take this off the website, she is afraid they will charge her with slander since she only made this up because she DID ask her son to pocket the pills because they were expensive. Her son was scared because he thought mommy would punish him for getting caught and being "***" for stealing them in front of some nosy customer who reported them both. Now my friend is angry at me and asking me to remove this lettter because her *** son could not even make sure no one watched her son steal.