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I purchased an I Phone 5 S at my local Wal Mart , and because it was for my daughter, an active and somewhat absent minded teenager, I decided to get the service replacement /repair plan for 34 dollars. The salesperson lead me to believe that all I would need to do should the phone be damaged , was to return it to the electronics dept at that Wal-Mart.

My daughter dropped her phone and pretty much made it unusable. Upon returning to the Department, I was treated rudely by an assistant manager , who eventually had to call the main customer service person for direction (30 minutes later). I was then told I would have to make a claim online, mail my damaged product back to the service company "Asurion". and choose my replacement phone online.

I was given the choice of 3 brands of cheap looking phones that I had never heard of before. The site also gave me the option of being reimbursed for my purchase. Which to be fair was the cost of the phone plus taxes. The reason I am writing this review is because the whole sales and presentation of the "care plan" was misleading, and caused way more irritation and aggravation than I bargained for.

So although they honored the plan it was only after being treated rudely and jumping through irritaiting hoops that I was able to obtain satisfaction. Do buy the care plan!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Give me the same phone that I purchased, not unknown knock offs.

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Did you even bother looking at the leaflet they gave you? It doesn't say to bring the product back to the store.

It tells you to do what you were told when you brought it to the store. In essence it is their contract with you. Never take a salespersons word for anything.

Read the details. I expect you would have still purchased the plan if you had, as it covered the cost of the damaged phone and was well worth the $34.


I’m going through this same exact thing they really SUCK‼


How does it suck that they are going to give you a refund for the price of a phone that you damaged?


I too have a horror story that I am presently living with this "protection plan" but given the judgmental, nasty and tasteless comments that seem to come with simply sharing (mostly just to vent, but also to legitimately warn others), I'll pass. I will say to the SMART mother who purchased this *** plan, good looking out for your daughter because had you not you would be out the cost of two phones.

Hopefully there's a happy ending to my debacle as well. To the rest of you belittling, judgmental internet goons eat a dirty d*** and choke on it...please and thank-you ;-)!!!


Those phone warranty plans are horrible. Not worth the $. A total scam.


She dropped her phone, it's not their fault, they are not going to give you a brand new phone for your daughter's inability to handle a phone. That is a loss for them.

Either way, what if you would not have been able to afford a new phone? You at least have the cheap one "I have never seen before" to make calls while you get a new oh so treasured iPhone for your daughter.


Um, that's the whole point of the service plan -- it does in fact cover somebody dropping the phone. Let us know when you decide to join us on Planet



Exactly...obviously your an idiot. You don’t buy a plan to get something cheaper if an accident happens.

They are betting you don’t damage it by selling it to you. No one ever asks for the plan, it’s pushed on you as you buy the product....idiots should keep to themselves


First of all that’s why we pay for the care plan ... so rude know your facts before trying “to go off” it doesn’t matter if a 18 wheeler ran it over the care plan is for ACCIDENTAL PROBLAMS


FIrst of all grow up, just because you are told "no" does not make a person rude, second if your daughter is careless she should not have a phone. No wonder your daughter cannot accept responsibility for her mistakes, her mother cannot either. Your daughter will never amount to anything with a poor role model like you.


You sure sound like a good role model...idiot. Even the most intelligent and sophisticated people drop phones. WOW


You're incredibly lucky to get a full refund - sounds like a great plan for $35 !