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I have been to the Shackleford Walmart in Little Rock, AR several times. I shop before I go to work to beat the crowd.

There have been three times I have had a return and been at their service desk at 7:00 only to be told the service desk employee is not there yet. It has been the same girl everytime. She managed to get to the service desk at 7:10, 7:15, and 7:20 on the three occassions I was there. No "I'm sorry." No offer by any other employee to help me.

Then she has an attitude when whe waits on me. If your posted hours say you open at 7:00 am then someone should be available at 7:00 am.

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So employees that "open" the service desk are scheduled to begin their shift AT 7 AM. So, if they're running late or clock in in the rear of the store and have to walk to the front, they won't be there AT 7!

They SHOULD be scheduled at 6:30 or the desk should open at 7:30... that way the employee can clean up the overnight returns, take care of claims, and actually get the *** til open before customers are flooding the desk!!

Orange, California, United States #934949

"ou respond three times in one day. You home schooling hours must have been cut and you need the writing credit .."

Actually I dropped out of school. If you knew how to read you would have seen this not only as I have stated but in the review about me from your boyfriend firstborntriplet

Orange, California, United States #934254

Oh dear Lord you are funny. Funny and a sad sad sad little man.

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to KevinRichards North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #934561

Hey Keith. English is not your native language is it?

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to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #934709

No, it appears English is not your native language, that is why you are not understanding what I have to say, it has nothing to do with stating my case, you are just too retarded to understand what I am saying. In the two years you posted this complaint you still don't get it, despite not only myself but what other have said to you. Then again you are so retarded that you don't realize my name is KEVIN, not Keith despite that fact it is in front of your retarded eyes.

to KevinRichards Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #934817

You respond three times in one day. You home schooling hours must have been cut and you need the writing credit .....

KEVIN... does that make you feel better know that I typed your name right. Honestly I just did not care enough to check if I had it right or not.

But, now you can sleep easy. God I hope you are at least toilet trained.

to KevinRichards Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #934935

Also English is my native language, funny you cannot come up with your own comebacks and you have to use mine. The reason that I go shopping early in the morning is to avoid crowd, I hate dealing with people.

There was one mother who let her baby cry in the whole ten minutes that I was in line with her.

I told her if she did not shut the baby up I would grab it and throw it outside of the store. Of course I was asked to leave the store after this.

to KevinRichards Passaic, New Jersey, United States #934713


to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #934717

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Orange, California, United States #933678

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to KevinRichards Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #933749

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to KevinRichards Mountain View, California, United States #934150

Oh dear Lord you are funny. Funny and a sad sad sad little man.

Seriously everybody knows you are a 40 year old man trolling this site because you have nothing better to do.

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Believe it or not I work at the service desk at walmart. It opens at 7am, and my shift starts at 7am.

I am not allowed to clock in early because if I go 1 minute over my scheduled time I will be written up by the store manager (not an assistant, the actual store manager) for working off the schedule. One write up means I can't get a raise, promotion, or even a simple transfer for 6 months. Three write ups means I loose my job. The constant threat of write ups means I'm probably clocking in between 1 and 5 minutes after 7am, even though I walked in the morning at 6:45am and sat in the break room.

Because for walmart 7:05am is still on time. I would have to clock in at 7:15am to be late. Then I walk to the front of the store. On my way to the front, I'm stopped by 4 or 5 customers who would like to ask me a thousand questions about the store.

By the time I get to the service desk its probably close to 7:10am. That's fine. I'm still not late. But I have to make sure I sign on to my register quickly becuase I'm timed from the moment I clock in to the moment I get to the register.

Anymore then 9 minutes (no matter the reason) and I could get written up for wasting company time and not doing my job. Then I proceed to set my till which takes 2 to 3 minutes, becuase I have to unwrap 4 rolls of change and make sure my drawer has the proper amount of money in it. Then I shut my drawer and wait for the register to do it's morning update before I can even see the point of sale screen. I order money, so I can actually do my job.

Turn the lights on and pull out pens, tape, and staplers. Around 7:15am I can finally take my first customer. By that time I'm twice as fustrated as you because you've been tapping your feet and sighing, while I've been trying to move as quick as possible. I know later I'll be called into the office by my assistant manager who will want to know why you had to wait untill 7:10 or 7:15 to return an item; and, I'll probably stare at them blankly because she was the one that decided I should clock in at 7:00am.

I'll probably say something along the lines of "I clocked in on time this morning and made it to my register on time.

I set my till really quickly and told the customer I would be right with him. I have no idea what you mean."

to Cherry Orange, California, United States #932976

You see that is the explainiation for them being late, unfortunately the OP's mommy was not there to entertain her. The OP is obviously a child being this impatient.

to Cherry Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #933367

I thought I'd comment on this because I'm a CSM (Customer Service Manager) at walmart. Every time we get a complaint about an employee being late to the service desk we run a time report on them.

It shows how many absences or tardies that cashier has had in the last six months. It also shows how many hours you've had each day of the current pay period, and how over or under your scheduled time you are. It will also tell me any time you punched the time clock at the wrong time. You kind of hinted at it, but it shows up when you: punch in more then 4 minutes early, punch in more then 14 minutes late, lunch out more then 14 minutes early, or punch out more then 4 minutes late.

It even shows each time you took more then 9 minutes to get to a register (which is specific to cashiers) or the time management tool (which is specific to sales people).

If your morning is like you said then we write off the complaint as solved because your report shows that you're always on time and on schedule. We could pull the punches for that day, but like you said 7:05am isn't late so there's nothing we can say or do about that.

to Walmart CSM Orange, California, United States #933437

Like I informed other, the OP is a six year old child and just impatient. Possibly has ADD, mommy should have kept her entertained. Your explaining all this too her is very complicated for her small feeble brain to understand.

Tampa, Florida, United States #925403

Quit showing up first thing in the morning if this is a common occurrence. Duuuh!

Like a monkey that touches an electrified apple and keeps on touching it thinking they won't get electrocuted the next time. Get a life, you don't need to be there first thing in the morning anyway!

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