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Purchased a SONY PS 4 console as a 2014 Xmas present for my son- when he went to play found a prior online personal profile; so, Walmart is passing off used consoles as new . Because we were on vacation where he did not have access to an HDMI port, my son didn't play with the console in the 15 day return policy.

When I contacted Walmart, they seemed stumped about the problem. The issue is selling a used item or a refubrished item as a new item at full price;not the terms of the return policy.

Sony, beware who retails for you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Why does everybody fall for this ***??? Do you honestly believe that the op is going to write a complaint then tell everyone that he punched his son because he dropped a glass and all this other *** he's feeding you.

THIS IS A TROLL. So obvious. Someone wanting to stir up trouble.

It may be an honest complaint from the op but the other posts are just attention getters from someone who obviously has way too much time on their hands and nothing better to do. Wake up people.


Some people like to brag about how they treat they mistreat their children. You are naive if you think the world is perfect with no such thing as child abuse. He admitted to beating his son, I bet his lawyer advised him on removing that post.


I am not trolling I am just stating facts. these people made me so angry that I took it out on my so because he accidentally dropped glass.

It was not my fault this happened. Unfortunately that ex wife of mine told my so that whenever I hit him that I should tell her. He told her about me punching him in the stomach and did not mention that he dropped the glass. Nor did he mention that I was already angry at the time.

Had they not pissed me off I would not have reacted this way. It was their fault for making me this angry. I make almost three times as much money as she does and I will make sure that she does not get to see my son ever. She is currently working with child welfare and my son's fourth grade teacher to have me not see my son.

Well I make more money for her. I can provide a better life for my son than that *** *** can.

If she does get full custody of him, good luck getting child support, she will not be getting any. If she wants it she will have to spend her money and find a lawyer to find me to pay for it.


I will beat my meat in front of anyone, no charge


Wow Really!!!! You do not even have a right to call yourself a dad.

You are nothing but a sperm donor!!! You make me sick to my stomach, as a mother of 2 grown sons the is no way in *** would i ever put anyone before my sons Even their father. As a child with a hard life growing up, I knew if i ever had children i would break that cycle and i did. My sons are both successful and loving men.

They have great respect for me and the women in their lives. Since they were little and until this day they can talk to me about anything they want. I taught them to be honest and tell the truth no matter how hard it may be. They know how to say i love you and mean it.

I pray that your son does not grow up to be like you. You need to go to parenting classes and most of all you need to ask your son for forgiveness.


You think I want my son to be like me "justsaying"? It is better than being a total wimp like his mother.

We were young when we had him. We were only 15 junior's in high school. She is happily in a relationship with a loser and they have another child, a three year old who is a total wimp because she and her boyfriend are raising him that way. I am much more of a parent than she is.

I can provide him with more. I make as much as the two of them combined and certainly make more than she does. Besides she has another child to feed, I can take care of him myself and provide him with better things. Like I said she gave him only one DS game for his ninth birthday, I gave him several games and for Christmas I gave him the PS4.

I can give him more better gifts than she can. I make more money and am a better provider than she is, therefore a better dad. I do feel bad about punching my son however this would never have happened if Walmart had not pissed me off or if he were more careful.

He picked a wrong time to drop the glass. If I were not so pissed off at them I would not have reacted this way.