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Wal-Mart sold me a desktop, refurb, Dell Optiplex GX 620, which gives me a message, Build 7601, Windows 7 Not genuine, an its not working correctly, Wal-Mart.Com is not responding too my phone calls about this, nor my e mails, they put me on hold, til the phone system times out. False advertising, *** me out of my hard earned money, failed too accept my complaints on the phone, on hold till times out, called back, put me 54th in line for a answer. huge run around too discourage me from complaining about being cheated by selling me a desk top with an illegal copy of Windows 7. This prevents the computer from working properly, an fails to upgrade on the Microsoft site. Microsoft confirms the fake copy of Windows 7, but has been no help. Got about the same treatment from Joy Systems, the company who did the refurb an contracted with Wal Mart for marketing the Dell PCs too unsuspecting customers. Microsoft has told me, most likely the PC will quit working all together an the monitor screen will go blank.

Doug Traylor NEED HELP

Monetary Loss: $286.

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I am a victim, too. I have asked the Atlanta news stations for coverage and I'm looking for an attorney who might be interested in a class-action suit.

Is anyone interested in joining me? This a wide-spread issue, now just two or three of us.


Holy *** they sold a Dell GX 620 this year still? That computer model is like 9 years + old.

That thing is piece of *** by today standards. It was only designed to handle Windows XP which is now unsupported and only holds 2GB DDR2 ram and at best a Pentium 4 processor with HT.

I am sure this came from a 3rd party seller on their website.