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Hi , i went to Wal-Mart last month and bought a MagicJack. I plugged it in correctly after carefully reading everything on the box , including promised free local and long distance calling.

What i got was a phone service that i can call locally (population 4000). anything long distance and i get a busy signal (3 beeps) and the phone goes silent. I found their website and got to live chat with what seemed to be a real human on the other end. Ifollowed the persons instructions for about 30 minutes, then was told to leave my name , number and email so that "engineers" could get back to me , as my live chat and ability to follow simple instructions was not enough to make this device work.

I run high speed dsl and am fairly computer savvy.This is not user error.Every set of instructions i was given i followed to the letter , only to repeatedly try to make the calls and get the same problem (3 beeps from receiver then silence). Wal-mart sold this thing to me , and MagicJack does not work. Huge thanks to both Wal-Mart and MagicJack for wasting my 40 bucks. PS.

I have a MagicJack Ticket id number and a receipt for purchase of jack from Wal-Mart handy to prove purchase and complaint. Thanks for reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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File a consumer complaint and return the unit


Of course it wont work on "high speed DSL". Thats already a telephone line!

Magic Jack rationally only works by providing your computer with a telephone line through broadband internet, not via dial-up through a telephone company. But the Walmart guy should have known that and told you that.


magic jack is cheap because it assumes people who buy them are smart enough to figure it out, and they won't have to spend allot of money paying someone to dumb it down for you......did you actually try plugging it into a compute? even if the box says it doesn't require a computer....that means to use it, but obviously you need to plug it in to a computer initially to set it up your account....duh, read all the instructions....notjust part.

@magic jack only works for smar

If they were'nt so sneaky in their marketing they would say on the box that you dont need a computer because you can plug it into your internet modem/router, which of course is always on. You then create a phone line via your broadband internet in a shortcut method and can turn your computer off or not even own one.

While traveling, you can stay at hotels with broadband internet jacks and plug your phone and magic jack into them therefore needing no computer. Misleading marketing makes no sense at all; they would sell a lot more if they explained it honestly.


It works just fine. You must be a retard!!! :grin


i brought a magicjack from walmart and it working very well no problem


Magic jack works prefect, stop your *** ***


i support your complaint, be glad you can return it to walmart and that you did not purchase it directly from magicjack or you would be out more money like me, magic jack is worthless!


we bought one of these too, online. i wasnt super excited about it at first, but if you dial 1 and the area code it does call long distance.

well at least it did for us. it is a little hard to hear whoevers on the other end, so you have to turn up your receiver volume.

good luck


How is it Walmarts fault your cheap *** phone service doesnt work correctly? Do you think walmart has the time to check every single item they sell to see if it works??

Get real! You get what you paid for, a cheap phone service that is crappy!What did u expect for $40!


Then return it you *** ***.