Orlando, Florida
Not resolved

Aug 5, 2010

Avoid their Tire and Lube Express like the plague!! I brought my car there for an oil change in July 2010.

My rear power window that worked fine when I left the car with them was stuck half down when I got it back. The claims management department denied my claim, told me they had no proof that the window worked when I left it. Here's my proof: IT WORKED UNTIL THEY BROKE IT! Filed a complaint with the corporate office today, I will follow up with details when I get them.

So far, not impressed.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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dms2222, were you the repair guy at Walmart who broke the window? I bet you are the one.


I had my oil changed at walmart today and they broke my winow. They said it needed to be rolled down because they leave the keys in the cars.

It was already down half way and they did not need to mess with it. Ticks me off, if you have problems with locking keys in cars then maybe you should not leave them in the car.


This person broke his own window. He posted the exact same letter(except company name) for other places which deal with cars.


How did they break the window. Did they remove the door panel and damage the motor?

Or did it just stop working?

Also you should not expect much in the way of auto service if you have your car worked on at the same place you buy your toilet paper. Take it to a real auto center next time.


I bet you have never been to Wal-mart either. I think this person broke his own window and is hoping for a quick settlement outside of court. Hoping neither company will check if he actually took his car there or not.


My car was never at a Jiffy or Macco. What are you talking about?


Dms222, I was just going to ask the same thing. First there was Jiffy, then Macco. Since everywhere you go they break your window may as well not trust these people with your car.


How many others are you accusing of breaking your window? Are you some kind of illegal immigrant or something? What a fool.