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Hello, I have colon cancer and a trip to the store is a challenge. I went to Wal-Mart (my favorite store) and stopped at the gas pumps.

I put my PayPal card in and the pumps were closed. I went on to the store loaded up with 70 dollars worth of stuff, went to the register, and my card was no good. I checked via phone and the gas pump charged me 75 dollars. I had 67 cents left.

I had to leave milk eggs, my kids have nothing to eat tomorrow.

I'm sure this will take a week to straighten out. In the meantime, I am sick and my kids will suffer -- welcome to corporate America.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Tell us how this turned out. Did you get your money back?

Did they keep it? What happened?


They also say that Sam's club is not an affiliate store with Walmart. That's not true, they're run by the same company headquarters.

They just find ways to put the blame on others. "Oh we have no control over the gas pumps, that's a different company." I worked for them, I know their mentality.


The gas pumps at Walmart are run by independent companies... Walmart doesn't have any control or associate with them. They just lease the space.

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