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The cabbage was not fresh. I complain to the guy in the department about it and he just shrugged his shoulders and ignores me.

I chunked the cabbage at the wall he was standing next to out of anger to get his attention.

It was only then dhat he turned around and actually asked me what I wanted in a very rude voice I screamed at him about the unfresh cabbage and he started to yell at me for trying to get his attention. I am cusdomer he is supposed to pay attention to me and be ready to help.

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Chunking cabbages?


I just notice this is another far fetched silly review from someone in Springdale Ak. I think it is another of Mr lea's many mental personalities.


Go back to the zoo, monkey. Throwing cabbage at an employee.

Seriously. A$$hole.


I've noticed that a lot of people from Minnesota stick up for the original posters on this site. The Bitter Truth probably throws vegetables around too as well as sticking cucumbers where the sun don't shine.


The fact that he apologized proves he has more class than you. Did you apologize for throwing the cabbage? Or do you think it is okay to behave like an animal.


I am not five but if this person goes round throwing things around for attention than he should expect that people think he is nine. Frankly even for nine that is childish behaviour.

He acted more like a three year old. Cute that you are sticking up for your boyfriend.


"So that makes you how old like 9?"

This from Jedi Knighte Ethan. What are you, about 5?


I went back today to pick up some stuff I forgot yesterday. This same guy was very nice to me and apologized for yeserday. He also had some fresh cabbage ready for me :)


"I chunked" ewwww gross. Did you chunk all over the floor or did you hold your barf until the associate got close.


either this was posted by MrsLea01 or all people from Springdale, AR have huge problems. I'm calling fake on this story or the original poster is just insane and not capable of spelling husband or wish.


"I chunked the cabbage at the wall he was standing next to out of anger to get his attention. "

So that makes you how old like 9?


You call it getting their attention...I call it disorderly conduct. He should have responded by chucking a brick at you.


I don't have a huzband. Wisgh I did though

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