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et me start by saying this will be the last time I ever step foot in one of your stores ! Last week , we need a car battery, my son's car was stopped in the middle of the road , and we need a car battery. So my wife went to Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive Orlando, FL 32818 and tried to speak to Yolanda in Automotive dept. , the smart mouthed girl would not let my wife explain what was going on and why we need a certain battery due to space under the hood. So my wife came back crying and also with a battery to big to fit in the car. I was able to go to Auto Zone and get the proper battery . So i take the unused battery back and they refused to refund it ! I can live with that so I thought I would at least return the core and get at least $9.00 back. Thats when I had the misfortune of running into the same girl that my

wife had to deal with days earlier. I got the refund on the core but the way Yolanda spoke to me and my family was just plain disrespectful . if thats the way you train your employees to talk and treat their customers , I can see why your company has the reputation that it does. I will never in my life stop to run in use a restroom at one of your stores again.

They say a happy customer will tell a friend what a great experience they had some where and an unhappy customer will tell up to 50 people , I on the other hand know several thousand people ! I plan to tell everyone of the way yolanda spoke to my family and myself.

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Dear Sir, first let me apologize for Yolanda's behavior as that is no way to treat a customer. I dont work in that store but at the Supercenter down the street.

Its shameful and sad but your words speak volumes about how a vast majority of the population feel about the company that I work for. Im horrified because there are,may few and far between, many good employees out there that really exemplify what Sam Walton was all about.

Again, I am sorry for your negetive experience. ---go942


Wal-Mart store 4425 is a neighborhood market, which means it is a grocery store format and doesn't even have a automotive departement. So before you start ranting about BS get your facts straight.

This either happened at the Sams Club beside the Neighborhood Market or the Supercenter down the street in Ocoee. Just sayin'!!!


If any employee at any Wal-Mart store talked to anyone with disrespect they will be coached and most likely terminated I work at Wal-Mart currently to get money for college we don't train our employees to act that way you should have found a manager in that area and talked to them about your situation that way when you walked in there the second time she wouldn't have been there to *** you off. some times you just have to use your head and take the best steps in resolving the problem without causing a commotion over one *** girl.


Yes Al Bundy is a pig like David. That is why we like Al Bundy so much.

At least Al Bundy has better morals than David. Also Al Does not like Sex, at least not from his wife. :D He does not beat Peggy. I sure hope David does not have children.

David accused Irish of trolling. I just hope that David is really a child and is posting all this *** about beating his wife just to get attention. If this is for real I hope she leaves this coward and finds someone who will treat her better. He would not dare lay a finger on me.

For one I am a man not a woman. I work out in the gym.

Wake up David. The year is 2010. Women work.

Sometimes the man stays home and does the cooking, child rearin. Wake up and grow up.

This coming from a man. Grow up little boy or one day you will be sorry for your actions.


wow David rushworld sounds like AL Bundy.


You are going to report other people's comments. Well someone can report yours.

They are both sexist and rude.

I sure hope you don't hit your wife and call her *** in public, because if I ever saw you strike a lady you would be laying on the floor. Tough man beating on your wife and calling her ***.


I do not want a girls's opinion Feelnfroggy274, why not go back to the kitchen and cook for your husband if you are married. Okay there are two things women are good for sex and the kitchen.

You only get sex if you preform well in the kitchen or if I am in the mood. If you are not in the mood and I am too bad.

You obviously work for wal mart as well Feelnfroggy274. Well quit and to back to the kitchen.


O.K. guys and Girls !

Stop post *** on here ! I'm the guy who started this complaint . I have a right to voice my complaint !

If you don't like it thats tough ! If you want to debate it thats fine , but I have and will report any stuff thats not clean !


Are you afraid to post your comments under your real name so you are posting comments under 'Must work for Wal-mart huh Ish'? A real man would not be scared to say what is on his mind under his real name.

Your comments are completely contradicting each other... first you say that women are only good for one thing - sex, then in the very next comment you state that a woman's job is in the kitchen. Make up your mind... which is it??

Hopefully, for your wife's sake, it is in the kitchen because based on what you have posted I'm sure you are only concerned about your needs so sex with you probably sucks for your wife!! Besides if your wife's job is in the kitchen then why did you send her to get the battery from Wal-Mart when since you are so smart you should have gone to get it yourself? So are you saying that since your wife's job is in the kitchen that you take care of EVERYTHING else that needs to be done? I really feel sorry for your wife and I can only hope that she comes to realize what an *** you really are and that she could do much better...

or maybe she will at least find someone to have an affair with that would actually care about her and her feelings!! And yes if you are wondering... I am a woman and I do all the cooking and cleaning and I work full time making probably more money than you. I wish for the very worst for you and I hope that you end up sad and alone before you die which couldn't be soon enough...

I can't wait until the world is rid of *** like you!!! *** boy!


BTW Cathy you *** girl. Yes I call all women girl, you *** ***, you are being polite to "Must work for Wal-mart huh ish." Well you *** lady I am "Must work for Wal-mart hun ISh" *** douchbag girl. You must work there too, well you girly need to quit and go back to the kitchen.


Well, I don't like the way that Irish implied that I don't like the way my wife cooks. However Yolanda is a woman, instead of working in the auto department she should be at home cooking because a woman's job is in the kitchen.

Cathy that sounds like a woman' name, should you not be in the kitchen cooking? Are you married or just some *** school girl? You must not be married because if I come home from work and my wife has not cooked for me I tell her to cook right away and that I expect a meal in half an hour. If I don't get my meal in half an hour she has to sleep on the couch.

To bad your husband is not teaching you to be a good wife. Only I am the one allowed to make my wife cry.


Just because someone is trolling on a site, or disagreeing with a complaint does not mean they work for the company. If you did more research on the site you would realise that Irish is trolling for every company.

If you assmue she is working at Wal-mart because of her posts, than she is very busy since she is also working at Domino's Burger King, Wendy's, Sams Club, Walgreens Sam's Club, Costco, Denny's, Kmart, Target, Mc Donalds, pizza pizza. Get the picture? No matter what company someone is complaining about she has to add her two cents in. Sometimes I agree with her posts, however most times she is rude.

David Rushworld.

You better be kidding because if I were in Yolanda's position I would call security on you.

Also she is not a girl, a woman. From your latest reply it seems you have disrespect for women?


The reason my wife was crying was because when she bought the wrong battary home I told her she was *** and smacked her. I should have never done that.

I was angry. Then I told yolanda that she should not be working in a auto department because she was a girl, and that women are only good for one thing and that is sex.


Irish sounds like one of the many *** that work for wally-mart. Probably on this forum trolling around on behalf of a company that pays him *** wage, unless he is here for the kindness of his heart :grin


Your wife actually cried, how old is she nine? I doubt you have thousands of friends, and well you are just like every American, ungrateful, like to complain about things that go wrong, don't like to compliment when thing go right.

No wonder your wife cries like a little nine year old.

I bet you always insult her cooking and never thank her for the hard work she does so she felt like she failed you. Your fault not theirs.