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Ok, so Walmart (or as I call them "Mal-Mart" as in evil) sends out a widespread advertising flyer getting kids all over our town all excited about a give-away event for the coveted Littlest Pet Shop product, apparel, and collaterals.

The flyer says "To find the Wal-Mart store featuring a Littlest Pet Shop Pajama Rama party in your neighborhood, visit" This should have been my first warning . . . this is not for the kids - and there will be one event held in Okebogee Iowa just so they don't get in dutch with the law.

I went to the site and there is NO mention of this event ANYWHERE. I do a google search, a DogPile Search, a number of searches with more obscure search engines . . .NOTHING. I do a zip code search on the Mal-Mart site for stores in my local area and begin calling.

There is not a Wal-Mart employee on the face of the planet (much less in Dallas, TX) that knows anything about this event . . . however they indicate that they have had hundreds of calls similar to mine . . . parents with hopeful children listening in . . . and just recommend driving around to stores at the appointed time of 10:00 am to see if the event is taking place there.

I am thinking - this is not Six-Sigma . . . it is beyond stupidity . . . then it hits me . . . it is real and true seditious, un-American malevolent marketing. I am thinking . . .it is time to begin shoppping Target and Costco! You might say - hey it is a toy - get over it. But I say to you, you do not understand what it takes to explain to a kid that I don't know how to get them to this event they have been looking forward to for a week . . . when they have posted the advertizing flyer like the picture of a loved one in their bed room.

But beyond that if they are doing this to our kids . . . what are they doing to us . . . in skewed pricing (have you ever noticed the deceptive number of Walmart skrink-wrapped "package deals" that have a unit cost greater than the single unit price? More is not always less with them!), marketing and the constant blaring of those ever present screens that hand from the ceiling . . .

I am glad their numbers are down . . .perhaps it is time for them to go down for good.

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