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I got a microwave from them with mantinace plan, and it broke after 7 months! I take it back to the store and they say they only replace it at the store after if its before 90 days!

So they tell me to make a claim online, when I tried it told me it can't do it because the manufacter warranty hadn't run out! I told them I can't wait for service from a factory! I need it replaced ASAP! But they didn't care!

Wal-mart treats their customers like trash!! Now I have to wait!, or buy a new one!, if I ever go back to wal-mart, I will never go to this location again!! Or get service plan!! Best buy has great service plans!

No bs! And better prices! And way better customer service!! Walmart is rude,greedy,dishonest,and the worst buying experience I've ever had!!

I HATE!!! Walmart now and my friends and family do too!!

Monetary Loss: $139.

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Douglas, Georgia, United States #902990

you're worthless. its a microwave get over it. GROW UP!!!


Sioux Falls, South Dakota so what's the point of your comment "you've had a lot of people tell you, plus reading a lot of articles" so you haven't NEVER purchased a maintenance plan PROOF YOU DON'T KNOW A F.,U.,C.,KING THING!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #655805

What exactly does the maintenance plan say----does it say repair or replace, depending on what it needs? I have had a lot of people tell me, plus reading a lot of articles that most of the maintenance plans aren't worth what you pay for them.


"Best buy has great service plans!"

Eh, you haven't read the Best Buy complaints have you?

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