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I am proud to announce I haven't been to walmart in over 2 yrs.:) I came from a small town that walmart ran out all of the competition and then cut thier stock down to nothing or just *** they quit carrying the good brands and I had to start buying on ebay to get something descent. I bought all of my christmas one year off of ebay.

Proud moment for me not buying christmas from hellmart. We moved to a big town and one of the reasons we did was so we would have a bigger selection than just hellmart. I have lived in a big town for 6 months and haven't been in hellmart for 2 yrs. The list of complaints against hellmart for me are more than I can type in this short paragraph.

I say take up your complaints and find another way to buy. I did dollar general alot when I lived in the small town I could get most everything I needed there. Instead of writing a complaint about *** mart on the interenet find another way to buy they will get the message wehn they can't turn over their stock.

If I can stay out of walmart and live in a town where hellmart was our only choice for 1 1/2 yrs you can too. Make hellmart reap their ways and lets drive them out of business by finding another way to buy.

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Shop wherever you want, just don't come on public boards patting yourself on the head about it. No one cares about your one-man jihad against Wal-Mart.

I looked it up and I can't find the word phsycological anywhere. How am I supposed to get help on a subject you can't even spell?


simon you attack anyone who has a complaint against wal mart very rudely. you definately need phsycological help. I would rather pay high prices than support a cult.


And your reward for all your hard work is....NOT A *** THING.

You haven't made one bit of difference. Wal-Mart will still be here going strong long after the world is shut of you.

Go ahead and pay higher prices and inconvenience yourself to show big bad Wal-Mart who's boss. You're such a douche.

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