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The Wal-Mart Super Center in Richmond, MO is a joke! The book department has become smaller, especially the children's books. The books haven't been changed in months. There were rumors that they were ging to get rid of the craft department, well they never did but they discontinued the DMC/Thread and cross stitch. Now ou will have to drive 90 minutes to city to get thread. There are a lot of people who cross stitch and use DMC thread. They should carry the products that the customers want. The toy department hasn't been changed in over two years and keeps getting smaller. The Entertainment department is the smallest I've ever seen in a super-center. They hardly have room for any DVDS. They don't carry any new TV-DVD Sets. I was looking for Law and Order DVDs and asked them if they had any. They said they never heard of that title. In the last six months the video games and disappeared and they reply was : their discontinued.

I bought a humidifier there and they no longer carry the filters, but the still carry the humidifier.

There needs to be a new manager! Why won't they stock their products! This is a small town. They would make even more money if they start carrying products that the customers want!

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Rose, if your sister is retarded why is she living at home. Should she not be living in a treatment home.

Also if the comment offends you so much why don't you leave the site. This is the internet honey and if some comment I make offends you because of your retarded sister than get off the site. Don't take it out on me because of how your sister turned out.

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Thank you Rose. I think that Gayle is the same person that wrote that "Zachary is a retard comment." I think she/he just wants attention.


Samantha got me wondering.

I have returned books to Walmart and also Costco. Books-a Million takes them back as does Borders.

I called both stores today (Oct.7).



Calling a person "retarded" is extremely thoughtless and immature. I have a retarded sister who is the sweetest person God ever put on this earth.

I'm not sure what your comment says about retarded people but it speaks volumes about you.

Grow up!


Jason - You must be ten years old or retarded. Calling person a lesiban is immature and is considered harrasment.

Who cares if someone makes a typo? What does that have to do with making a complaint on here? Nothing!

All of your comments have nothing to do with the complaint. I have reported you to this site.


Sticking up for your wife huh, don't worry I don't have a problem with lesiban marriages. Even without a spell check the chick could check her work over.

Same could go for you Gayle. Just look at your second sentence.


I shop at the Walmart in Excelsior Springs. It's a better store and is a lot cleaner.


Richmond's store is terrible! Have you tried looking for shoes there?

They don't carry any normal sizes.

You can return a book a Walmart. I have before. I had gotten it as a present and returned it.

It's silly to say that people have stopped buying books at Walmart just because they couldn't return them. There are people in the book department all the the time.

They sale quite of bit of Amish/Christian books there. They do sale alot of books there, only if they would stock them more often.



t's not the store's fault for not stocking. They go through someone else and they stock the books.


Who cares if you make a typo? Maybe missouri1981 was in a hurry? Maybe he/she has never used this site before and didn't know about the spell check. Who cares! Get a life!


Missouri1981, have you ever heard of checking your work over and running a spell check. This site itself has a built in spell check for those writing letters.


This is a small town with no other store that has books. Exchanging books has nothing to do for why they don't stock anything. I've been to other smaller Walmarts and they keep things in stock. It's just this store.

As for Jason Tillo, ever heard of the word "typo".


While the person under me made me laugh, the reason is actually one more tied into the federal copyright law.

I work at Walmart at Customer Service. If you haven't noticed, you can't return books if they leave the store, period. If your store does, they are breaking the law.

Because of this, people have stopped buying books at walmart, thus us not restocking because it is a waste of money to buy from manufacturers for products that no one will buy.

They rather go to bookstores which will atleast allow exchanges.


It's a shame they are getting rid of the books department. Perhaps that is why people including you are less educated. Just look at how you spelled "going" and "you"