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I just wanted to put this out there... I have come to terms with the way Wal Mart lies about some of their roll backs. Such as taking a $15 shelving unit, putting it on an end cap, and then pretending that it hasn't always been $15 and that it isn't still marked as regularly $15 if you seek out it's regular home in the furniture department. I take that kind of thing in stride, and make it my responsibility to keep track of the prices of the things I regularly purchase, so as not to be taken for a ride by one of those little yellow arrows.

In being responsible for knowing where my family's money goes I have noticed something. There are two particular weekends that the prices at my local Wal Mart will raise, sometimes drastically. I have seen two liter bottles of soda, regularly priced at $1 go up $.32-$.75 on these two specific weekends. This seems minor, but it does add up. I also compared this to the Wal Mart in my hometown to find that they did not have this price fluctuation.

The only real difference between the Wal Mart in my home town that does not play with there prices on two specific weekends, and the one where I live now that does do it, is location. There is no military base back home. The Wal Mart where I am living now is just outside of an Army base. The weekends that they change their prices are the weekends that immediately follow the Army pay days. Once again I feel as though it is my responsibility to pay attention to where my money goes, and I no longer shop there. Much to my fiancé's dismay we now make a bi-weekly trek to the commissary on post, where he now has to suffer through grocery shopping. Poor thing right? lol

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there in case another military family, maybe one that has to deal with keeping kids settled during the shopping trip and can't pay quite as much attention to the numbers on the shelves, is able to benefit from this. It's disgusting, but what can you do right? Well, you can shop at the commissary ^_^

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I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


Just in case... my car is 100% american GM made, not the GM "worldwide" you get today. I admit you can't get around everything such as, a chip in my PC may have been manufactured in China, but you can do your best to not support these companies who send all our labor out of the country for obvious reasons leaving fellow Americans to struggle for work.

@Anti anything made by poor ppl

I realize this post is old and you, "Anti,,," wilL probably never even see it. But since I am now just seeing it for the first time, I feel compelled to say kudos to you, bud, for living and buying how you think is right.

However, most people, on budgets, fixed incomes, or just those of us whose families make lower wages or have a lot of bills to pay and not much left over for shopping do not have the luxury of being so choosy as you. Unfortunately, I think the majority of the lower, middle, and lower-middle classes who make up the regular consumers of Walmart, shop there in order to pay the lowest prices possible.

And yes, this also, unfortunately, means we have to sacrifice quality, at times, over price because that's what we can afford. Buying a product that was manufactured in China Vietnam, or Bangladesh has to take a back seat to keeping food on the table and keeping our rent, mortgages, and utilities paid.


Lol, wow... I'm the original poster on this thread, and just got an email alerting me to your comment.

Looking back at these comments for so long ago is really kind of gross. I don't tenderness this thread but holy wow, I was letting people know that Walmart was raising prices to gouge as much as they could from military members and I got slammed and told not to buy what I couldn't afford.

It's no wonder we keep letting stores like Walmart and other huge corporations keep us poor! We not only allow it, we demand it!


I'm as real as anyone in this world will ever be. Too bad I appreciate my shell as well as those whose are less fortunate.

I've thought this out over and over again, so don't assume... I have done all you have mentioned, but I also pay attention to who makes things and where it comes from. I don't support anyone who treats any human being like they are worth less then the things they make. Read the labels, find out where it comes from and support your local farmers and tradesmen.

That's my way of living. What's yours? To lazy to give a ***? I stopped eating McD's, I drive a GM american made car, my electronics consist of an IBM PC, and I'm perfectly happy with preaching what I DO and helping others who do care.

Down with consumerism and Communism. Live to be more than life and not just to eat, *** and die. One person can't change the world, but they can affect what is around them.

Websites such as this allow us to reach out a little further. I just wish more people cared about helping in little ways like starlife A.


starlife B, why don't you quit posting and posing as the original poster, no one buys your ***.


Why don't you just shut up just curious, you don't know what you are talking about. Think before you type ***. I bet your manager friend is paying you big bucks to post this.


Mr. Anti....

I see your point, of course my neighbor started at minimum wage with out benefits 16 years ago, but I suppose you could blame him. You cant seriously expect us to believe that you care about China's workforce? Have you eaten at Mcds? Have you ever bought a child a toy at a toy store?

Have you ever driven a car? Do you own any electronic devices? Last time I checked most of it was made in other countries by the poor! And when was the last time the "rich" built or made anything?

Where are you shopping? Get real and think before you type.


Maybe somebody else can answer that for me. I am not interested in turning this into something it isn't.

I just wanted to make sure people understood that this was going on so that they could plan accordingly. Like I said, it isn't every Wal Mart, so maybe people in areas new to them will know to watch out for this occurring.


This is the first time you replied to your own letter.


So if I don't respond people use my user name to respond in my place? How convenient!

Anyway... I am only posting this in the hopes that someone who may not have noticed will see it and be able to save some money.

I didn't accuse any one of theft. This is just a helpful gesture.


Actually, you misunderstood the screen name. I wasn't referring to the rich trolls at Wal-Mart.

I was referring to the thousands of poor people in other countries, namely China, who get paid less a $1 a day to manufacture all that ***. Making Wal-Mart the biggest "TROLL" ever.

Maybe your rich manager friend is the reason so many of their employees went underpaid for so long.


so yer spreadin for a soldier? Wow that was a hard catch wasn't it?

You should be happy I am not his platoon sgt. But then again if he's as whipped as you say he is he is some remf and not Infantry.

Anyway what do you care when you think WalMart is gauging soldiers? Yer not a soldier and you make your boy go to the commisarry right.


Just curious obviously you are another troll. This site if full of trolls and idiots like you and Irish. I don't care how much your friend makes, if he has to brag about it he sucks.


By the way, my friend is one of those "trolls" that work at walmart. It's funny thst you say that, he made $196,462.00 last year!

He is a Manager, a rich "troll", been there a while. I use to give himm all kinds of *** about it.

He was promoted a year ago and now he shows off his income tax papers with those numbers. Being a "troll" never looked so good!


I guess this is a typical "glass half empty,glass half full" case. Walmart is always being picked at, they're a huge TARGET!

Or not, cause its walmart. But seriously, they're prices are pretty good. So if two weekends a month prices go up, this means that 24 or 26 days a month they are offering a good deal! Right?

I mean they are a business, they are in it for the money, and you have 24 - 26 days to enjoy it! The other 4 days you can go to Target or the supermarket, mix it up. Maybe the regular price is on those weekends and the sale price is 24- 26 days a month. So the price is actually dropping during those 24-26 days and RETURNING to their REGULAR PRICE 4 days a month.

Have you thought of it that way? Have you noticed the people at walmart reaching into your pocket and taking your money? no? It's because they're not there, no one takes your money or shopd for you, you are the one that decides what to buy and what to spend.

So just continue to buy what you feel is a good deal, at its lowest price, and pass on the stuff priced out of your range. But think about adding up the savings you have actually had at walmart before you switch, it might be a expensive switch, or just learn to pick the days.


Trolls work at Wal-mart. :P


I am not a troll, why do peoplelike you assume someone is a troll because I don't agree with you. The point is you would not be making this complaint if you could afford to pay the extra money.

You may not have said you cannot afford it, but if you are complainng about something so petty you obviously cannot.

Go on foodstamps. keep a budget.

BTW trolling is not when you disagree with someonem(if this is the case you are a troll as well) You act like you are ten years old.


I must have missed the part where I said I couldn't afford it. You're really stretching too hard for a troll. There are much much easier things to troll on this website that won't require you to think so terribly hard.


Well you obviously cannot afford the extra 75 cents for coke, why not buy it when it is on sale, learn to save your money. You are the one that is duh?