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I went to my local Wal Mart to puchase a 32" TV and was looking around at the TV's for at least twenty minutes while associates in the electronics department were talking. When I approached one of them and asked them to take the TV up front because I had more shopping to do, one of them said he would be right back.

He went to the back and returned with a shopping cart and put the TV in the cart and handed the cart to me and said, you should be just fine with that. I'm female and had only my 12 year old son with me. He expected us to wheel the TV through the store while getting our other items and I guess we had to take it to the car and load it ourselves also.

I didn't say anything until I reached the checkout and then asked to speak to a Manager. The Manager apologized and said thank you for letting me know...that's it...No discount, No offer of anything to make up for the terrible service....Bought my 42" TV from Target and an associate at Target helped me within two minutes after I was looking at the TV I wanted, put it on a flat cart and delivered it to the front with my name on it, and took it to my car and loaded it for me....Thanks Target...F*** OFF Wal Mart!!!!!

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This is a site to post and share comments about crappy situations you have experienced with retailers and service companies. This is not a site to judge and bash people about their post.

So all who have negative and discriminating comments to add to peoples posts.

Get a life and remember that you too will now be judged. Have a Great Day : )


wow, i guess they need to unload it at your house and hook it up too huh. no person and no retail establishment is perfect.

if you like target go there. everyone complains that they hate going to walmart and no matter how often they go there it is always bad. why keep going. i shop many stores and every store sucks sometimes.

get over yourself. and push a *** shopping cart.

or have your son. can a 12 year old not push a shopping cart?


Why is it that every time people are inconvenienced the almighty dollar will somehow make it all better? The manager said he would take care of it.

That should have been good enough. You were being a greedy, shallow, princess and I'm glad you didn't get a discount.


Thats a typical reaction from our new generation movement! Wanting to be paid even if you dont do your job!

BABS quit shopping at walmart, they cant have the power if we dont give it to them! Trust me, when I say, what you think your saving is never worth being treated the way walmart treats their customers! I have 8 kids. 4 still at home, we shop at target and kroger now.

I was having anxiety just going into walmart. I thought it was worth it, putting up with all thier BS for the bargains I thought I was getting. But as soon as i stepped foot in Kroger or Target, as well as many other stores again, I began to regain my dignity! It was as if I had come out of a brainwashed state of mind.

There are literally too many incidents,with walmart,to list here. From crappy service & abusive behavior to employee theft from me as a customer. The best thing I have ever done,leaving walmart for good. I've gained years on my life and peace of mind as well!

BTW everyone knows Walmart is soooo YESTERDAY!!!



So the minimum wage worker wouldn't go the extra mile for you and you expect them to discount the price because of it? Go clean your silver spoon lady...

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