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The whites still don\'t start locking their cars In the parking lot until they seems coming.

Original review posted by user May 21, 2012

Why do I get my driver's license asked for every time I write a check at Wal-Mart? Nobody else in line does.

They say it prompts it, but I don't believe that. Considering the affluent suburban white majority town I live in, I believe it is racism plain and simple. I already wrote about the last incident I had at this same Wal-mart. Yesterday I saw that same security guy that followed me around the store the last time twice in the store.

Thinks because I'm black I must be there to steal. I have never committed a crime before in my life, and I have a college education and I work a great job.

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MsLea, every one of your posts is a lie to me so why should I care about the location?


I am not in Colorado Springs, CO. Read the OP location please.


calm down MrsLea01's black side.

We already passed Obamacare and began the process of making white folk our slaves :) :)

Call the White House and tell our man Barack. He going to take care of all of these white folk.


Some banks require it. They're all different.

Just like some banks charge fees for using the card or getting cash back.

Sometimes it prompts for an age or to match an ID with the name on the card. It has absolutely nothing to do with race.


There r options to have ur id looked at when u cash cecks! Its a security option ur bank offers! Better call ur bank be4 throwin out the race card dummy!


"The whites still don't start locking their cars In the parking lot until they seems coming."...'they seems coming'? What kind of non-English phrase is that

"Why do I get my driver's license asked for every time I write a check at Wal-Mart? Nobody else in line does."...Because you're the only person in line writing a check.

"I have never committed a crime before in my life"...Except for murdering the English language.

"I have a college education"...How many weeks did you spend at Clown College?


so.. you're mad at them for asking for an ID? I've worked retail before and sometimes registers do require a Drivers License Number.


Mr White, your *** i n g rude, I bet you grew up in a trailer park and got bullied in school, your probably a fat lonley white man looking for some attention at home. Well here you go, feel better now?


Yes just as I thought. I can't wait until you racist whites are in the minority.


Im sure its an associates degree in history which is the easiest degree to get. And when you say "good job", define how good.

Good as in being a Mcdonalds manger, good as in liqour store owner, or good as in fried chicken chef? And I never met any successful black person that has an African name. Your name is Shameeka, I doubt you are successful.

I bet you are a big fat loud mouthed ignorant sheboon that chimps out all the time.Do yourself a favor, move to the ghetto and you will feel right at home. Actually, better yet, move into the ape house at your local zoo then you will really feel at home you dumb sheboon buck n i g g e r.

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