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My husband was in need of emergency frames for his lenses. He had broken his frames and needed them to go to work that evening. He is a truck driver and is gone on the road from Sunday evening to Friday late night. I called the wal mart store that morning to check on the vision center hours. The girl who answered the phone was very nice and told me they would be open noon to 5. Great!! About 3:30 we got to the store and walked to the vision center, no lights on, no workers to be seen. I went to the nearest cashier I could see and asked "is anyone working in the vision center?" She said "no, it doesn't look like it". I told her I had called earlier that day and was told it would be open until 5. She then told me there had been an employee emergency and that they were closed. I told her the situation and she said "well that's too bad, we were told no one is supposed to go in there". No sorry, no manager, no nothing! Is there no one else in the store to help? I understand its the vision center, couldn't they call someone from another wal mart, get a manager to at least try and help? We didn't need an eye exam, just frames to match his lenses, we could have found those ourselves!!

I was a restaurant manager for 12 years, this was inexcusable. When someone called in or had to leave we couldn't just tell customers we couldn't help them. We busted our tails, called someone in or got someone from another store, that's what managers are for, that's their job!!

Very disappointed. To top off our trip to our lovely wally world. When trying to shop for the few items he still needed we found shelves empty, pallets littering the isles with product but no one stocking. Waited about 15 minutes to get service at the deli counter and check out lanes about 5-6 customers deep. All the while the "managers" were walking around with their clip boards talking on their walkies and doing absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

Wal Mart in Jonesville Michigan has gone downhill fast and furious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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That's because Kathleen is now an assistant manager. Total ***


You have to be trained to be an optomitrist. And you just can't call someone else in to work. Like the previous post said, its not the same as gettting extra help in a supermarket.

Also, not every vision center is owned by walmart. Some of them are independent companies that rent the space. These have nothing to do with walmart.

Also managers deal with one thing at a time. There might have been something major going on. Like a fire. Or a bomb threat. Or an employee could have had a heart attack. All three of those things happened when I used to work at walmart. Believe me, taking care of these problems is much more important than you not having your paper towels in stock.


It is easier to call in people to help in a restaurant than in a vision place. Another thing you don't know that they would have had frames to fit your husbands particular lens.

At the time you pick out the glasses the lens are usually cut to fit the frame, and the way I understand it can't be re-cut to fit another frame.

Therefore unless they had a frame that would fit exactly you would have had a problem, anyway. In your husband's job it might be worthwhile for him to have an extra pair at all times.


Another Know it all use to be MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your so *** I N G good why are you another USE TO BE????

The world dosent revolve around you STUCK UP PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll


Lol. Your funny anonymous!

Im a used to be because my daughter is more important then busting my *** dealing with customers like you for 60 hours a week.

I don't expect the world to revolve around me, I expect people to do their job and for stores to be open when there supposed to be and provide the service they advertise. Very easy!!


Actually you just sound very entitled. Things happen beyond the control of employees.

What if you were the vision center associate, and your daughter or parent, God forbid, died or were in a serious accident? Would you go to their side or would you say, "gee, I am supposed to provide the service until 5pm, so I will just stay here"...

Also, the manager may have tried to get someone to come in, but couldn't. You were not there behind the scenes, so you don't know.