Many of you know about the fraud, dishonesty, copyright infringements, intimidation of employees by WalMart, Inc. Not so many of you know about Wal-Mart's globalist, sodomite policies to intimidate employees, former employees and the public in to accepting a global government.

I am only going to cover today what has been done to I and others with regard to Wal-mart's popular ripoffs. First, Walmart STEALS from the public in the area of many products and "services", including DVD's. I purchased a DVD to help me give the atmosphere of Christmas during a fund raising campaign. The DVD was totally unsatisfactory because the label suggested a real Xmas carol; not some modern jazzed up one. Also purchased a dVD player for nothing. When I attempted to order customer service to give me an exchange, the supervisor of the customer service staff stated that Walmart would not refund nor exchange the DVD under the policy that, once a DVD has been opend, it could not be exchanged !!. Then don't sell the product because you, Wal abominable, ARE STEALING FROM THE PUBLIC!!

Second: this policy by Walmart, Inc, is very fraudulent, furtive, sneaky, dishonest, surreptitious, disgusting, loathesome, exploitative, self-seeking, heinous, CRIMINAL and AN ABOMINATION! Walmart is buying counterfeit items from china and two or three other countries this is what is known; there may be several or even many more and re-selling them to willfully and deliberately DECEIVE their customers and the public in general. Walmart is selling a COUNTERFEIT A + D OINTMENT. Walmart is deceiving the public in to thinking they are going to get A+D Ointment. REAL A + D ointment will say "original" on their label. It is MSD CONSUMER CARE, subsidiary of MERCK & CO, INC. has COPYRIGHT on A+ D ointment. WALMART is COUNTERFEITING and selling a product they call 'Vitamins A&D ointment". This is OBVIOUS COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT, and Walmart and the varmits who are manufacturing, labeling and selling to Walmart could be liable as well as Walmart. Walmart has conceived FALSEHOOD from their hearts. Walmart sells "Vitamins A&D" for approximately 40% of what they sell A+D ointment for - when they have it on the shelf. You have to MAKE SURE the A+D shows "Prevent" highlighted and underneath "Prevent" shows "Original Ointment" with the word "Ointment" in bold. This is a very deceptive and treacherous policy by the walmart evildoers.

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Clearly, you are not a Wal-Mart employee, or your response would have been it is a copy right issue. The copy right is not a Wal- Mart policy it is a Federal law which any stores that sell games, movies, music have to obey.

Look it up.

Stop pretending to be an employee of Wal-Mart and making them look bad. And, if you are an employee of Wal-Mart educate yourself, because all you are doing is making yourself look ignorant.


My guess is that you wanted to exchange the dvd for a different one? You can only exchange a dvd for the exact dvd if it is defective and you have the receipt.

No refunds are allowed on opened dvd/cds. This is not just walmarts policy. Its the same as buying a book, reading it then returning it for a full refund or exchanging for another book. Its not gonna happen.

Nobody is stealing from you. Get over it. As far as your very looong ridiculous complaint about the "counterfeit" A&D ointment, please get a new hobby.

My eyes hurt from reading it. :upset :eek


This, this, this.

A THOUSAND times this.

As a WM employee, allow me to enlighten you on the corporate stance of WM (and just about every retail corporation in the world.)

Once you break the seal of a DVD, video game or CD. That product becomes yours. You will not now nor will you ever get a refund for opening a disc product and trying to return it, unless the product is clearly defective and unable to function.

That's like eating a half-pint of ice cream and then trying to get a full refund because you didn't like the flavor.

You should lay off of conspiracy theories, Walmart's a pretty heinous corporation, but you're bordering on tinfoil hat nonsense.