I tried to buy 30 dollars groceries with 50 dollars and was told no, what is up? This was a store that was started in the USA, with american dollars now they will not except dollars. I think sam's club is the same.

If you go to Mexico, go to another store. The outher stores will except dollars.

I have not had problems in soriana or chedraui.

Sham on Wal-Mart.

I will not renew my sams, but do you realy think they care?

Wal-Mart has taken your dollars and I know you need to deal in pasos.

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What you tried to do is similar to this: somebody from France comes to the US and tries to pay for their purchase at Kmart, Walmart, or wherever with francs.

Whatever country the store is located in, use that country's currency...dumb ***.


Get a life! You're in a foreign country.

Use their money. You are a ***!!


I'm mad too. The wouldn't honor my Sear's Credit Card the other day. W T F !



YOU are the problem, not Wal-Mart!! Arrogance is not a good trait, and the Ugly American is alive and well, I guess. Too bad in many ways.


Try getting a store in the U.S. to ACCEPT Pesos. Did it ever occur to you that there is a cost to convert currency?

Try to spend pesos in the US. Then let's talk.

Until then. :?

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