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Oh my where to start? I have had so many problems with walmart auto centers.

Feb. of 2010 we bought 4 new tires and paid the extra money to have all new valve stems put in, and we also bought the life time tire rotation.

About a month later I was driving at 35mph and hit a small pot hole nothing major. In an instant one of my tires was completly flat! So I limped it over to Monroe (luckly they were only about 5 blocks away). The mechanic checked the tire out for me to find out what was wrong with it, the second I pulled up he goes oh no that tires brand new when'd you get? (boy I felt dumb).

So within minutes he had my tire pumped up and told me excatly what was wrong with it he said; your first mistake was going to walmart for those tires the second was not buying the new valve stems. It's old and needs replaced.

I was Pissed! I paid for them and they didn't bother to put them on. So I went home got my recipet and went to walmart to demand they put 4 new ones in.

The "department manager" (yes, I put that in quotes on poupose) heard me out said he would be right back but didn't tell me why and then just left my son and I standing there for 95 mins.

When he came back he had the nerve to say he had reviewed the security cameras to see if new ones had been put on or not but it couldn't be determined so he was going to "take my word for it" I almost lost it! Take my word for it? I went to a REAL auto shop and was told flat out what the problem was, they didn't charge me or even try to get any money out of me at all.

They put the new valve stems in and I thought that was going to be the end of it but alas it hasn't been. 2 tires Have to be replaced because they are such low grade *** so we have about 10k miles on these all weather tires that cost $75 each and now we have to replace them so we are going to do all 4 and be down with the wal-garbage.

I had an oil change at Monroe today our van took 6.5qts of oil wal-joke use to put 4 in every time and everytime within a day or 2 she'd be running rough we'd check it and then we'd have to add oil.

I could go on all night long but, I'm tired and I'm going to bed so I will stop here and now and leave you with this.

Don't ever go to any wal-joke auto center for anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

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My god.... I am so surprised that a mechanic getting paid 7.25 / hr did shotty work on your car. I can't believe it!!!