Fairmont, Minnesota
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We recently bought an air bed (Ozark Trail - Wal-Mart brand) from Wal-Mart. We purchased this in advance of a camping trip. It was after the 15 day return policy before we found out what they sold us. After initial inflation, this product would not stay inflated.

It lost air without any weight on it what so ever. We pumped it up several hours before going to bed and when we did go to bed we had to pump it up again. We had to pump it up 3 more times during the night to keep from sleeping on the ground. (This would have probably proven to be more comfortable in the long run)

When we tried to return it to Wal-Mart we were eager to spend more of our money in their store and purchase a more expensive replacement. They would not let us.

Their new 15 day air bed policy won't allow an exchange for their defective products after the 15 days, receipt or not.

They are fully aware of this problem but choose to keep this product on the shelf for more unsuspecting customers to get ripped off. Reviews of this product are all over the internet. NONE of them are positive and they date back for more than a year.

Wal-Mart is knowingly selling defective equipment and not standing behind it.

I only wish we had researched this product on the internet first. It is amazing that Wal-mart won't do something about these defective products they are pushing off on it's (at one time) loyal customers.

We are done with Wal-Mart. We won't step foot in their doors ever again and of course everyone we can possibly inform, will be informed of there crooked business practices. Wal-Mart is....well, you know!

Another fine example of Wal-Mart's customer service / satisfaction. Since Wal-Mart won't stand behind this product, all inventory (nation wide) should be pulled from the shelves until they can fix the problem.

Wal-Mart chooses to continue to sell defective products off it's shelves!

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #887391

I agree that i was a bit harsh in how i felt. We have spent thousands and thousands from Wal-Mart over the years and found they have pretty solid products or wouldn't have kept going back.

i just felt robbed over the whole deal. we have purchased air beds from there before and had problems. in the past they did take them back so i expected that this time. My beef is that with all the other reviews out there on this same product why haven't they done something with the mfg on their own knowing people are getting bad product?

Why would they continue to put that product on the shelf?

They must have a history of returns and or complaints on products. If i were Wal-Mart and i kept having issue with a product i think i would want to do something or pull it until the mfg can guarantee it is a quality item.

Orlando, Florida, United States #887228

Unless you tested every air mattress Walmart sells "all inventory (nation wide) should be pulled from the shelves until they can fix the problem. Wal-Mart chooses to continue to sell defective products off it's shelves!" is a ridiculous demand to make of any store.

Just because the one air mattress you happened to buy was defective does not mean they all are and certainly does not mean they should pull all the merchandise.

Also like Ransom said, after 15 days you need to go to the manufacturer and deal with whatever warranty they provide.

The manufacturer are the ones who should stand behind the product, they are the ones who made it. Walmart didn't make it they are a retailer plain and simple.

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