Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I tried to use a coupon for sierrea mist pop. The coupon was in spanish and after the cashier scanned it and the system accepted she told me and i quote"we don't accept spanish coupons".

Which the customer service manager confirmed. Does anybody else think this is f'ed up? It was at the Joiet Wal Mart on jefferson. This is a horible store.

It has big fat black *** as cashiers and *** *** managers.

They should al be fired. wal mart sucks walmart sucks shu uui uiuihf uui fuh uhh hu i oiio m h j

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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This is America, ***


If you are in Mexico then you have a right to complain, this is AMERICA, we shouldn't even have coupons in Spanish in the first place. I am not racist but I'm sick of them getting all these things handed to them, we need to fix our country and they are adding to the problem. Stop your complaining.


I wouldn't accept spanish coupons either, especially not from a cheap racist like you. who knows what the coupon says?


So the store is horrible because it employs, and I quote, "big fat black (don't even want to say what word I think you said)." You're a racist and a little b.itch. Man up, you didn't get your coupon to work.

How did the system "accept it," and then tell you that it didn't?

Sorry but I don't think it's the decision of this cashier to deny your coupon.

For f**k's sake, you're shopping at WalMart. You really need a coupon???