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I hear alot of whining about "bad" customer service at WM. But you never pay attention to the morons we have to put up with every minute of every day.

First you have the annoying loud phone talkers who sit there and cuss and shout about their baby daddy. THey let their horrible kids run around playing with anything and everything. If they get hurt you wanna blame the stores and not your lack of parenting. You check your brains and sense of direction at the door apparently.

You cannot find ANYTHING if you dont have an employee holding your hand from the door to the check out. You call about the dumbest ***. You call WM for tech support. They're a store!!!!

If your welfare card or debit dont go through,it's the stores fault. Never about how you can't manage money...You know how many times I hear"I'm never shopping at WM again." ? I've yet to see anyone follow through. I kind of wish some of you would.

There's more. But Dumb people make my brain hurt.

I'll go on at a later date. So shape up,shoppers.

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Mansfield, Ohio, United States #579903

Yes, some people are jaw-droppingly *** and annoying, but that's part of the job when your work requires you to deal with the public. It's no excuse for having a chip on your shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore.

If the job bothers you that much, find another one. It isn't as though you're getting rich working for the Waltons.

Boligee, Alabama, United States #566590

Disregard the previous comment he is talking about whinning customers not less managment more works.... Maybe if the customers didn't come in as if they were GODS and actting like if they don't shop there the employees bills regardless if you shop there guess what there still going to get paid so act like and adult and shop with skme sense intead of actting like walmart is a daycare for adults


walmart has excessive managers not enough workers. 3 managers were walking around the registers explaining how the new supercenter was going to work while they had 2 cashiers out of 25 registers.

The cashier at the checkout counter I was at was saying I am not even supposed to be ringing I am supposed to be greeting customers. I told her she better keep ringing or they will not have any customers to greet. 5 months later I ran in again to the new SUPERCENTER it is deserted no one shops at it yogurt was dated september 9 it was October 24, touched a bag of oranges to fruit flies coming out in droves. Will never return again.

Fire all the management hire actually workers that can turn over expired products.

No one needs a bunch of suits walking around tooting their horns. you need managers that can see a need and fill it.

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