Richmond, Virginia

I stopped at parham Wall mart at Richmond VA to ask the sale person in electronics department about matching price by wal mart,she said they will do but i need to bring the ad.i informed her it online ad, she assured me that they will match the price but i need to bring the ad.i came back on friday night with the ad,to inform by another manager that they will not match online store.i thought i get the right info when i asked the sale person "who represent the store.this took place on this week 11/26/10

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Look, you might as well buy it off the internet then. What's the big deal? You get it cheaper and it's delivered to your house.


They both don't know what they are talking about both told me they don't do online price matching. I still want toe price matching.

Simon you don't know what you are talking about either.

You must be either the cashier who lied and told me that they don't do online price matching or the manager. I had a flyer for proof but because of my religious background they did not believe me.


It sounds like the first employee you talked to didn't know what they were talking about. None of the major retailers match their ".com" prices.