the walmart in my area, palmyra, me. is overall ok, excpet the deili.

I always but land of lakes cheese, $6.00 a lb. the deli workers have gotten to recognize me because I always ask for the cheese to be sliced thin, I even tell them what number to slice on, just under number 1. They refuse to do it, and the cheese comes back 1/8 to 1/4" thick. this is pure laziness, One time I gave it back to deli woman she took it and threw it on the floor and yelled, no one will buy this now!

I was in shock!, There is another worker in delit a younger heavy set woman with dark hair, Everytime I ask her to slice cheese under a number one, sherolls her eyes at me, refuses and I get extra thick sliced cheese. Last time I went to deli she recognized me, she was looking right at me, she didnt ask if she could help me , she turned around and walked away. I had to wait for another worker. she wasnt even helping anyone else!!!!.

I Realize that when people become extreemly overweight movement can become an effort, but its just a cheese slicer!!!!, I Have never experienced such laziness and rudeness in any other store before like this. Needless to say I no longer shop the deli at walmart, luckily there is a stop and shop next door where the workers treat you with a smile and respect!

I will be reporting this to consumer reports and any other organization and public boards I can find. I have been dealing with this disrespect for 5 years now, and complained several times to store management, they obviously dont care about customer service since there workers continue with this behavior.

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"I do believe works for Walmart" followed by "I think he needs a job" dur!!!

Well which is it? You're about as sharp as a bag of wet hair.

I'm going to go ahead and bill Walmart $20 for this post. Ca-ching!


Sorry Anonymous, but this person I do believe works for Walmart, and gets paid to write *** things seeing he has nothing better to do with his time. I think he needs a job because if you follow him he has no life.

Just *** remarks. See he treats people like Walmart managers, no brains, empty shell of a person.


I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this complaint about the thickness of sliced cheese.


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