Orlando, Florida
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Last year I bought a phone from them with the Wall-mart family service plan. A mistake!

I paid several times by phone and was charged an extra $5.00 fee. When I discovered the error I started paying at the Wall-mart no service center. They took my payment and a bout a week later turned it off for non-payment. I returned with the receipt and they said there was nothing they could d call the Family service plan.

(CONVENTLY Leaving the Wall-mart name. I said I wanted to talk to an manager who was jut a kid not a real manager. I called the phone service which almost impossible to reach even with many tries . I got no service so ended up buying another card and paying thzt we with an new phone.

That worked until I paid again and the Wall-mart no service center. Again, I took both receipts and xsaid fix it. Still no service and I pissed off enough to make people listen!!! They said they get the store manager and I waited about three (3) hours.

I left mad. I called the phone center. This time they told me and fax with the two (2) receipt. I had no fax and I finally got the wall-mart store manager to fax it.

Then after I called the Wall-mart family service plan and they said "they never received it. I asked for for an manager and I heard him talking to the rep. She was told to me he was busy & couldn't come to phone. Then some nicely that they are in Honduras what am I going do about it!

I tried Wal-mart international help line,the reps about 4 or time called, tried to help but still no money & NO PHONE. I filled a complaint with the BBB in Benton, Arkansas NO ANSWER< NO SERVICE< NO PHONE. Wal-mart are LIARS & THIEFTS--Breaking The lst,8th and 9th of the ten commmandments.

Still noservice, phone or money.
Mark C. Pierce

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Here is a simple tip, pay the phone bill in full each month and it won't get shut off.


You have no right calling someone a kid when you have such terrible spelling and grammar and act like a four year old yourself.