Hackettstown, New Jersey
Not resolved

battery on lowest shelves

terminals broken leaking

spilled all over self no burn station or employees anywhere to be found

burned through my cell phone,thick jacket,leg jeans and skin

huge stain burned through floor

was never cleaned up or removed-2 wks later!

wall mart "investigated" claimed to have nothing on any surveilance tapes

and or found themselves to be at no fault!

this happened montyhs ago and they have yet to move the dangerous batteries

ive seen several similar incidents

i have also started going to other local wall marts -in order to not deal with this particularly aggrivating store

and have comwe to notice that a lot of them also have the same setup

this to me is rediculous

how many other customers have had similar issues-and worse yet how mayny

will it take for some justice and common snese to filter through to the incompetent insensitive managerial staff of clinton nj

Monetary Loss: $400.

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