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I purchased a Fisher-Price Wheels Red Ford F150 Raptor 12 volt Battery Ride On for my 3 years old son as Christmas gift on 12/14/2013 through Wal-Mart on line website, after tracking the packet I noticed the packet arrived to store on 12/20/2013, therefore I called wall mart store to pick up the packet, but nobody had idea about the requested item, so I called customer service same issue the only answer received was” you need wait for the packet and check the status” I have been checking the status, sending email and calling daily, but the result still the same and Walmart charge me for the power wheel since the first day and my credit card is charging me interest for the item I never receive and is going be a month since, what can I do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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call your credit card company put it in dispute. they will help you.


First of all learn how to spell WalMart. Whenever I order something from the WalMart site to store when I am notified that it is at the store, it says to take the paper work with you to the store in order to pick the item up.

They take the paper work with them to the area where the items are stored. You can't expect them to know if something has arrived without having the paper work.


You don't need the paperwork. Quit making up lies.