3615 Marietta Hwy, Dallas, GA 30157
Not resolved

We have been waiting 50 mins to get drugs. The Wallmart Pharmacy

Has no clue what they are doing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Oh how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee, If I could move Texas east, Then she'd be here with me, Then nothing else would come between the two of us, If Dallas was in Tennessee


This is a Vague complaint without any details. No-one is a mind reader.

$100.00 for drugs???? Do you have health insurance that covers prescription medication?


Once again no one mentioned anything about prescription drugs. For all we know they could buying prescription from a licensed pharmacist, or they could be buying *** from a dealer meeting in Walmart Pharmacy.


So, What over the counter drugs cost $100.00?


You leave out a lot of details. Was this a new prescription you just came in with?

Was it for pain medication?

Were they busy with other customers as well? Give some detail to support your complaint.


Where did they say that they were getting a prescription. They just said they did not get the drugs.

Notice DRUGS, nowhere did they say prescription.

You are right this needs more information. This letter indicates that they are either getting prescriptions from a licensed pharmacist, or that they are meeting a friend in the pharmacy department for some ***