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At Walmart the customer is no longer king. The management is king and we the customer only prosper if they are treating their employees right, which is hardly ever.

Asking an associate for assistance is like a disruption to their day. I have had to go bang on associate work carts or scream "EXCUSE ME" at the top of my lungs sometimes just to get their attention. Then they give me that "what do you want?" look.

I have to use the self checkouts because cashiers are so rude it is upsetting to have to go through a line to deal with their ignorance. Even on self checkouts they still come up to me while I am checking out and treat me like I am a bother.

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I have always been treated well at Walmart but then I am polite to them. Next time try this phrase instead of banking on their cart and acting like you belong in a zoo.

Just say excuse me but I hate to bother you will you please direct me to so and so.

You will get a better response. You have to be a human to be treated like one.

The Doc

The only Walmart employees that walk about with a work cart, are the Janitors and Maintenance Crews.

What exactly is it that you need that you have to scream at Janitors and Maintenance Crews whilst banging on their work carts?


well there you go. you treat the employees like garbage so they don't treat you well either.

you answered you own question. you must not shop at Walmart very often if you haven't realized that low prices are the only benefit of shopping there, not the service.

I would feel like *** too if I was a cashier there, ringing people up non stop. it sounds like you're just a psycho, like another MsLea.


It seems like you are rude. Banging on people's work cards and yelling instead of being a lady or gentleman and waiting until they are finished what they are doing.

No wonder they don't want to help you. You get what you dish out.


Wow, where do you shop? I've never had that problem. Oh, but wait, you act like an animal out of its cage.


So it's okay for you to walk up to associates and scream at them, but you'll get mad if they don't approach you with a smile and a jolly song?

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