Santa Maria, California
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I first get in to the store and get the phones i wanted. Then i ask one of the sales assistance where do i get the emerson 32in TV for $148.

She told me i just go to the cash register and ask for one and if there is none available then i will get a gift receipt to come get it at a later date. Well i finally get to the register and was told the sales assistant gave me the wrong information and i need to wait in another line for the TV. They were really helpful and sorry i was given the wrong information and they gave me a card for the TV. So now i tried to register the card to pick up the TV and its saying not enough funds avalible on the card for the TV.

They charged me $159.84 for the TV so i dont know y its not going through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $148.

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I stood in ine for two hours for the emerson TV along with about 600 others. Of course they ran out and gave us the coupon for one hour redemption.

I asked the manager if I could pick up a few other items before standing in the extremely LONG lines. His reply was "NO< you have to pay for that 1 HOUR Guarentee within the hour for it to be valid" (?????) So rather then get my money for about five other items on my list, I stood in line as instructed to pay for my TV 1 Hour Card and promply left Wamart saying I WOULD NEVER SHOP AT WALMART ON A BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN!!!!!

I don't understand why Wamart did not figure out that people would want to do other shopping and not want to wait in the hour long check out line more then once!!!! GO BACK TO SCHOOL WALMART CEO YOUR POOR DECISIONS ARE COSTING YOUR STORE SALES!!!
@walmart needs brighter employe

Our local Walmart was wonderful. Once they knew they did not have any more TV's, they gave us a card for it at 9:00, but said we could not pay for it until 10:00.

That gave us extra time to get any other shopping we wanted done. It was so well organized this year.

Maybe your Walmart should get with ours :) sorry you had an unpleasant experience. I had one of the best ones we have ever had there on Black Friday.

@walmart needs brighter employe

I can't believe people go to a place like Walmart in the year 2012 and NOT EXPECT THIS *** TO HAPPEN!!!! You're going to the store to get this one item but you also want to do other shopping.

You are obviously not happy with waiting in the line for the one item so don't you think it's more worth your time to get the other items??!! Come on now, I know you must have graduated from middle school to know that. The whole 1 hour guarantee thing was completely asinine!

I agree, the CEO of Walmart should have known people like you were going to be ignorant *** just because you were "guaranteed" an item you were too cheap to buy at regular price anyway. You'll receive an email once your brain has been shipped to your local store, thank you!!