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purchased card for tv guaranteed by 12/22.No problem using card as I went on the site immediately and registered.Never got an email so I went to store with order number.They couldn't tell me anything.Online my order comes up saying delivery between 14 and 22.It is 22,not at store and no tracking info on line.

I wasted $20 gas checking store.they searched for my name on 200 tv's that were there but none had my name so they couldn't give me one.Waited an hour on the phone then gave up.Called later and message says call later.Apparently too many pissed off customers.No idea if and when I will get my tv but I will never wait in line again like a sheep.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Same here. I was guaranteed a 32" Funai T.V by DEC 22.

Status went from processing to shipped yesterday. Received an email this morning apologizing that I would not be delivered before Christmas. This will be the last time I spend 2 hours waiting in line on Thanksgiving for a "guaranteed" item. This will totally ruin Christmas.

Thanks a lot Wal-Mart.


They did offer me a $10 gift card as a way of apologizing. I don't really want $10 in store credit I want my *** T.V before Christmas morning


Update 12/23.Go to my newest post,Walmart guarantee is worthless.Pics of last night's status change and email they sent this morning.

Never go to Walmart's black friday sale and expect to get gifts by Christmas.I learned my lesson.It was the first and last time.Their by Christmas guarantee is BS. :(


Update at 9:30PM 12/22.Sometime between 5PM and now my status changed from in process to shipped and claimed delivery should be today.Very funny but I checked with the store anyway and they still don't have it so Walmart failed to meet their claim.I had emailed Walmart Contact customer service and they may have changed status to make it appear they tried but if it was just shipped it couldn't have come here by today.

By the way 1 of the 4 *** counts was me.I clicked on it somehow thinking I would see comments from them.Why anyone would think my comments were BS I don't know.I had even included a pic of my order and status as of this morning.I think Walmart maybe pays people to do that to discredit complaints or there are some real *** people on here .


update There is now less than 8 hours before guarantee date ends.Still can't get through to walmart.com.Their message has changed although to say if you have not been emailed it is probably due to storms up north.Sounds like BS to me.There is still no tracking available which means it has not even shipped.

Will never participate in walmart black friday again.First time I ever went and it will be the last.


I have the same issue, but the store where I paid for them basically said too bad, you can get your money back, but not a tv and escorted me over to a two hour customer service line. It looks like a scam to me.

Walmart draws you in on a lie to hold your money and keep you from shopping at their competetors during the black friday sales. Then, three days before Christmas they tell you too bad. I spoke to several managers that were worthless. The General Manager, Brian Renfro (according to the sales slip) was not available.

I also asked for a refund on the Walmart Gift cards I had purchased and was denied. Never again will I purchase anything from a Walmart!


We are also in the same boat asking for a refund and they said it would take 3 days!! We have no money to replace the gift !!

So one of our kids will not be getting a gift from us until after Christmas !!! We have called everyone the assisant told us good luck !!