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So I went and waited for like over an hour to find out I get to give them money $400 and I get a card I have to use to get a product sent to the store. I get the card bring it home and it says I don't have a sufficient amount on the card to pay for the item I selected???

The card says call the 800 or the local store. I called the 800 and it dropped my call. I called the local store and lady says I need to call them and I would get my item. I looked at my receipt and it appears the item they manually put in didn't add TAX.

So I covered this with my local store and CS rep told me OH you will get it that because it was a Hour Guarantee thing they charged the correct amount and not to worry I'll get the item. So I called the 800# which says experiencing high call volume DUE to the SUCCESS of the program?????? I was on hold for over 20 minutes and didn't talk to anyone.

I think they are closed....anyway I'm pissed what a run around not its my problem to figure out.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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The Ipad Mini Walmart put on sale (Price: $299+$100 gift card) on the day of Black Friday 2013 had “One Hour Guarantee”. That means in that one hour guarantee period, whoever got the ticket of that item and paid for that item must have the item too. They cannot say the item is out of stock, and especially, they cannot say the item is out of stock when they already get paid for the item 17-18 days ago. And now they sent me an email showing they canceled my order saying the item is out of stock. When I paid for the item on Black Friday night(17-18 days ago), the item wasn’t out of stock. On Black Friday, I stayed awake the whole night and got the ticket including excess code and paid for my iPad Mini, and registered my excess code and purchase online, and in few hours I already received the confirmation email from Walmart, which showed my order will be ready between 12/14/13 and 12/22/13 at my local Walmart store. And now on the 12/13/13, I received an email showed that Walmart issued $328.16 to gift card and canceled my order. I didn’t stay awake the whole night on Black Friday to buy just Walmart gift card. If I want to buy just Walmart gift card, I can go to the store anytime and buy it. I didn’t make any mistake, I didn’t complain that Walmart’s site didn’t let me register the excess code in certain time limit like others did, then why should I suffer?

I already bought the case cover for this ipad mini in first week of December, and emotionally attached to this item, and have been waiting for since I paid for my item(17-18 days ago). If Walmart wasn’t sure whether that item would be “in stock or out of stock”, the Walmart wasn’t supposed to advertise “One Hour In-stock Guarantee” on the sale paper, and make customers paid for the item at the store right away. Now they don’t want to refund the money either saying their system won’t let them refund the money, so they issued gift cards in the name of refund the money.

It is really immoral and shameful if they cancel the order just like this, especially big store like Walmart saying the item is out of stock after these 18 days.


So I spend 2 hours outside in the freezing cold on Thanksgiving. Get in and get to wait in a line to buy a gift card for the Beats headphones.

Ok, didn't have the stock to give to everyone in the hour (they only had 4!! really??), but I am "Guaranteed" to get the product by Christmas. I log into the site the next day, put my order in and wait for an email with when the product will be in the store for pickup. Decide on 12/7 to go online and check the status of my order.

Says CANCELLED. WTF???!? I go to the store - "sorry can't help you, that is issue, call them" So I am on hold for almost an hour with - "sorry, that is the One Hour Guarantee folks, you have to call them". Yet another hour on hold "Sorry we don't know why the order was cancelled, that is a issue, I'll transfer you to them" Another hour on hold.

"Sorry that is out of stock".

2 hours waiting in line outside in 28 degrees with just a sweater on, 1 hour in line in the store, 30 minutes at customer service in the store, 3 hours being bounced around on the phone eating up my cell minutes and I get absolutely nothing?? WALMART SUCKS


If you are having problems with the website, try clicking the compatibility button next to the refresh button. Someone else suggested it on another website and it worked for me.


Went to Walmart last night, did not expect to get the item, but did expect to be able to log on to the website for shipping. The website is down, the toll free number drops calls. So basically I am stuck with a gift card and not the item I purchased....So far Walmart is still stating Sunday night at 11:59 is the latest you can redeem the card for purchased item


So sorry you went through this. I went to the store and my card has the correct amount on it but my access code is showing up as invalid.

I also called the 800 number and the store no answer from either last night. I called both again this morning no answer 800 number and the store tells me that they did not know what they were doing so I have to come back in so they can fix it.

I am very unhappy as the nearest store with the sale is 45 mins away which means we have to drive there again and wait in another line because I am sure we were not the only customers that this happened to. So frustrated!!!


Also, they extended the registration to Monday at 11:59 pm, so thats good news.


When you call the 800 number it should be option 5. Im not sure why people cannot get through, because I work at a walmart, and I have been helping customers with this and everytime I call I get through.

The problem is, no one I talk to seems to know what to do to help the customer, or to help me fix the problem.

They keep saying it's because of this tax thing, but I had a lady today who had the correct amount loaded onto the card, and the website tells her she has insufficient funds, but the card history says the card was redeemed online. As an associate, I assure you all that we are trying to fix the problems at store level to the best of our ability, but and corporate arent being cooperative or informative.


Same here, the cashier did not add enough tax .20 cents under the amount (FML right? of course it could not be OVER the amount) When i went back to add to the card she wiped it out and made me pay for another one.

This one will not work either. I will never shop at a black friday on walmart ever again.

Customer service is the WORST. Merry Christmas!

#573431 waited in line and basically paid for your IPad in store. The card and booklet that you got allows you to go online and order the item and have it sent Site-to-Store, and still get the sale price of 399. Whoever told you that they did load the correct amount is absolutely wrong. I work for a Walmart store, and I had a paper stating what amounts were to be loaded. For the IPad, they should have charged 399, which was the sale price, PLUS the sales tax of the item. All they had to do was scan the card, and then total it and it should have added up correctly. In my state, with .07% sales tax, the exact total ended up being $426.93. However, I am not entirely sure how they would have added in the protection plan. I believe when you go online to purchase the item, you can add the protection plan at that time. So you should have paid 426.93, and received the 1 Hour Guarantee packet. I would first try getting ahold of the store again, or like others have said, talk to CS or other managers within the store. If they only charged you the 399 price, then that should be okay as well. You didn't pay sales tax in the store, so you would have to pay the sales tax online. Either way, tax has to be paid on it. I admit the program was not a success at all. It was pretty disasturous. Not many associates knew all the details, and many customers were upset that they waited hours in line and only got the card. Just give the system some time, because the program did roll out to all stores. So I am sure everyone who received cards tried to register and order at the same time. If for some reason you are unable to register or order by Sunday night, the amount that you paid will still be on the card, and you can use it for any regular purchases, or go ahead and purchase the same item. However, after Sunday, the price may not be the same sale price of 399. That is basically what the guarantee was for. If we run out in store, you can pay and then order it online at the same price, and if ordered by Sunday, it was a guarantee that you would get the item. You can go to, click on the Help Center at the bottom of the page, and then find the link about the Black Friday 1-Hour Guarantee in blue. It covers many questions that have been asked, and goes into more detail than what I have here. I'm sure I don't even have all the details correct. At my store, we didn't actually receive information or details on how the program was going to work, or what amounts would be charged, until I clocked in for the night at 7pm Thursday. So that tells you how well Walmart as a company communicates.

If you are still not satisfied with how things were handled, or do not wish to delve into trying to order your item, I believe you have until December 24th to return to the store, with your ORIGINAL receipt and 1 Hour Guarantee booklet, and receive a full refund of what you paid.

I hope this helps you all out, and coming from an actual Walmart associate, I do apologize for all the inconvenience that this caused and how horrible it was.


I sooo dislike Walmart . Problems with registering card .

Tried get my money back after four phone calls, three visits to the store , three custimer service girls, spoke with three managers and they still will not give me my money back that I paid cash for until the ipad ships to the store 5-10 days. Nice going tying up my money of $434.00. No where on My receipt does it say I cannot get a refund .

So basically i don't have the product and i don't have my money . This is a terrible way to do business .

Scam scam scam SECAM


Same problem. Has anyone got it solved?

I called the costomer service, no one picked up at all. Then went to the store, I was told just to wait for the system fixed. I was not allowed to get the refund!! WTF!

No one there knows what the heck is going on!

Never ever ever going back to Walmart even if this gets solved later!! They are *** off the costomers


I sooo dislike Walmart . Problems with registering card .

Tried get my money back after four phone calls, three visits to the store , three custimer service girls, spoke with three managers and they still will not give me my money back that I paid cash for until the ipad ships to the store 5-10 days. Nice going tying up my money of $434.00. No where on My receipt does it say I cannot get a refund . So basically i don't have the product and i don't have my money .

This is a terrible way to do business . Scam scam scam


Please call CS and they should be able to help you.


Same in IL

Be patient and call cs back you have till sunday night its not your fault its theirs they should fix it.

or go with a manager in store and have them update the amout at their expense and ask them to register it there


Same thing here in Wisconsin. I went in to have the problem resolved, and it was the same issue...

No tax charged.

So I owe 2.14 more than is on the card. While I was in line there were 2 phone calls for the same issue on the i-pad, and the man behind me was in line for the same issue with a blu-ray player.


EXACT same problem but with the tv. bull. ***.