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I moved to Bentonville, AR from California a few weeks ago because my husband got a job at the Walmart home office there. I started shopping at the Walmart there in town and had a horrible experience.

First off, I have always used the self checkout at WM, but they don't have them at this location. I told the cashier when I had no choice but to check out with her that I wasn't up there to talk to cashiers, and that I also do not like how the store has no self checkouts. She said they were getting rid of them all over now because of high theft on them. She also kept trying to chit chat with me despite me telling her not to talk to me as she rang me up.

I also felt as though she was trying to accuse me of theft by giving me theft as the reason for not having them. She then handed me my receipt at the end with an embarrassed grin and did not thank me. I went up to the store manager who was nearby walking the store that I did not like the cashier's attitude, he seemed unconcerned and did nothing. To make matters worse when I was leaving I decided to get a diet coke from one of the vending machines outside.

The machine ate my dollar up without giving me my drink. At that moment an associate walked by with a fast food meal going into the store. I yelled at him about the machine and he told me I would have to customer service to get my dollar back. He just kept just walking back into the store.

I had to go all the way back in and stand in line to get my dollar back. I have the names of the two associates and the store manager who was rude to me and I will be telling my husband and filing a complaint.

This Walmart does not treat customers well. Especially for a store across from the home office from the company they should know better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Location: Springdale, Arkansas

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Either this is a joke or this bitter old hag has issues. File a complaint against her, put her picture in the store as “Not allowed in store”P.S. Walmart employees could care less and the Managers, assistant managers, co managers, manager for the managers manager , the head fuxking honcho , doesn’t give two $hits or a squirt of pis$ about your hissy fit lady.Walmart is a revolving door and is only interested in money and the select few that are corporate sucka$$es Who give their soul for their little yellow “manager” title, make them feel like gods for $9.50 an hour


If you do not want anybody to talk to you then why would the cashier thank you? I think that you need a TIME-OUT because you are acting like a child.

You try working with the customers like yourself and see if you like it!!!!!!!!!!! GET A GRIP


Sweetie, this was never a real complaint. I was just making fun of customers I would get when I really did work at Walmart stores.


waa waaaahhh!!! GROW A SET!

telling the cashier to NOT talk to you is rude. Yelling at an employee clearly on a lunch break with food in hand about a machine that ate your oh so irreplaceable dollar up just rude!!... wwwahhh!!! go back to california where you will hopefully fall into the ocean and not know how to swim.

hows that for southern hospitality? LOL


Pretty sure that Kevin Richards troll wrote this...


No, I did. I was a parody account poking fun at various Walmart customers.


It sounds like you were the rude person.


This sounds like the problem is you. When you ask questions and don't like the answers it's not their fault. Grow up.


This was a parody account poking fun at Walmart customers. Nothing said here happened.


I was always warned to be cautious about the horse I'm riding on, because it's easier to fall off a high horse, but then again...some people must be more courageous than I.


First sentence, "I moved to Bentonville, AR from California..." That's all I needed to hear.


What do you mean by that I am wondering?


After reading this...sounds like you are the one with the bad attitude. You told the cashier you don't talk to cashiers. The bad experience started with you.


Wow if you agree with this woman you need meds!! First off, not a big walmart fan myself, but I dont work for them nor does any of my immediate family, if they did, well I'd stop right there because only a fool bites the hand that feeds.

Secondly, sorry you were having (what is probably your normal) I just ran out of prozac last week and havent got a refill days but the cashier did nothing wrong how rude do you really need to be to someone trying to get by on minimum wage at a dead end job?? After your rudeness you then go a step further to attempt to get her in trouble for most likely trying to cheer up an irate customer!?!

Third, the employee coming in with fast food, clearly off the clock, and customer service is exactly where you need and have to go to get your dollar back! Why the *** is it his problem let him have his dinner before he has to go back to work at least he was kind enough to point you in the right direction when you didnt deserve more than the bird!

Lastly, I hope to god you used your discount card and they reported you so fast it makes your head swim! Sorry to the man who married you, but if he lacks the common decency to get you on meds or shut you up then well maybe it's time for a wake up call! I have never in my life read a post from someone who's head is literally this far up their ***!

Oh and by the way, store #100 bejng across from the GO is generally one of the cleanest and most polite stores you'll visit!

Come to Gulfport ms and see how you like it here! Ha one checkout open and over zealous security in the parking lot! He'll make you actually search yourself to be sure you arent in fact stealing without your own knowledge! Its been two years since your post and I am aware I am far behind, but hey these are the footprints we leave right?

Here's to hoping you got new meds and havent tortured anymore innocent cashiers! Walk a mile in their shoes and deal with a *** like yourself in the process and maybe you'll learn to just stay the *** in bed next time your looking to be a miserable excuse for a human being!


Actually, if you read my history you would see that I made up this and other posts to poke fun at the many Walmart customers I dealt with when I actually worked at store#100 back in 2003. These were real experiences that I had with real customers when I worked as a cashier there.

I guess in a way I was doing it to try to let off some steam.

My name is actually not even Lea and I am a guy. I am not married to a WM exec either.


Classic Mrs. Lea post


How can 4 people find the *** written in the OP useful?? This lady is totally insane.


Whoever wrote this is an *** lol


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