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I moved to Bentonville, AR from California a few weeks ago because my husband got a job at the Walmart home office there.I started shopping at the Walmart there in town and had a horrible experience.

First off, I have always used the self checkout at WM, but they don't have them at this location. I told the cashier when I had no choice but to check out with her that I wasn't up there to talk to cashiers, and that I also do not like how the store has no self checkouts. She said they were getting rid of them all over now because of high theft on them. She also kept trying to chit chat with me despite me telling her not to talk to me as she rang me up.

I also felt as though she was trying to accuse me of theft by giving me theft as the reason for not having them. She then handed me my receipt at the end with an embarrassed grin and did not thank me. I went up to the store manager who was nearby walking the store that I did not like the cashier's attitude, he seemed unconcerned and did nothing. To make matters worse when I was leaving I decided to get a diet coke from one of the vending machines outside.

The machine ate my dollar up without giving me my drink. At that moment an associate walked by with a fast food meal going into the store. I yelled at him about the machine and he told me I would have to customer service to get my dollar back. He just kept just walking back into the store.

I had to go all the way back in and stand in line to get my dollar back. I have the names of the two associates and the store manager who was rude to me and I will be telling my husband and filing a complaint.

This Walmart does not treat customers well.Especially for a store across from the home office from the company they should know better.

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If you do not want anybody to talk to you then why would the cashier thank you?I think that you need a TIME-OUT because you are acting like a child.

You try working with the customers like yourself and see if you like it!!!!!!!!!!!GET A GRIP


Sweetie, this was never a real complaint. I was just making fun of customers I would get when I really did work at Walmart stores.


waa waaaahhh!!!GROW A SET!

telling the cashier to NOT talk to you is rude. Yelling at an employee clearly on a lunch break with food in hand about a machine that ate your oh so irreplaceable dollar up just rude!!... wwwahhh!!! go back to california where you will hopefully fall into the ocean and not know how to swim.

hows that for southern hospitality?LOL


Pretty sure that Kevin Richards troll wrote this...

to Anonymous #986684

No, I did. I was a parody account poking fun at various Walmart customers.


It sounds like you were the rude person.


This sounds like the problem is you. When you ask questions and don't like the answers it's not their fault. Grow up.

to Anonymous #984981

This was a parody account poking fun at Walmart customers. Nothing said here happened.


I was always warned to be cautious about the horse I'm riding on, because it's easier to fall off a high horse, but then again...some people must be more courageous than I.

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First sentence, "I moved to Bentonville, AR from California..." That's all I needed to hear.

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