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I moved to Bentonville, AR from California a few weeks ago because my husband got a job at the Walmart home office there. I started shopping at the Walmart there in town and had a horrible experience.

First off, I have always used the self checkout at WM, but they don't have them at this location. I told the cashier when I had no choice but to check out with her that I wasn't up there to talk to cashiers, and that I also do not like how the store has no self checkouts. She said they were getting rid of them all over now because of high theft on them. She also kept trying to chit chat with me despite me telling her not to talk to me as she rang me up.

I also felt as though she was trying to accuse me of theft by giving me theft as the reason for not having them. She then handed me my receipt at the end with an embarrassed grin and did not thank me. I went up to the store manager who was nearby walking the store that I did not like the cashier's attitude, he seemed unconcerned and did nothing. To make matters worse when I was leaving I decided to get a diet coke from one of the vending machines outside.

The machine ate my dollar up without giving me my drink. At that moment an associate walked by with a fast food meal going into the store. I yelled at him about the machine and he told me I would have to customer service to get my dollar back. He just kept just walking back into the store.

I had to go all the way back in and stand in line to get my dollar back. I have the names of the two associates and the store manager who was rude to me and I will be telling my husband and filing a complaint.

This Walmart does not treat customers well. Especially for a store across from the home office from the company they should know better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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We went shopping yesterday morning and the store was really dirty.The shelves have a big enough space to get the dust and dirt out, the dirt should'nt be all shoved all underneath it.My husband cleans for a different company and noticed the dirt under the end caps and could'nt believe how much dirt was under them and all the food that was shoved under them.All the freezers in the center that meat is in had alot of dirt also.In front of the deli was just as gross.But the real kicker is the guy was cleaning the floors and and he never once put the dust mop under the shelves to pull the dirt and food out.The floor machine came along and only does center .The edges and the displays should be moved out and cleaned you can't just do the middle of th floors.I will be shopping someplace else if they don't start getting the store up to code.If a health code inspec.was to walk in there and see this I'm sure they would see many violations.


Nothing wrong with this complaint. I know how wally world works.

The rest of you jerks ought to leave Mrs. Lea alone.


"Sounds familiar" is the only sane person from Springdale on this site.


I can't believe this person... Is she for real?

Perhaps her husband should take some of his hard earned Walmart Home Office money and send her to a good shrink... I think she need a lobotomy or a plain old good attitude adjustment.

To think she is above everyone bc of her husbands position???

Please..... :eek


I worked at this store in 2002-2003 as a stock clerk and cashier. Customers like this was all too common at this location.



Ethan, she is nuts. and that's putting it lightly.


You really are a nutter you know that Mrslea01. On this complaint you are *** because you think that the lady talked too much to you and on another complaint you complain that they not talk to you.

With a nutter like you it is damned if you do damned if you don't. How do your husband and neighbours put up with you everyday without putting a gun to their head.


I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but in one of this crazy "lady's" post she complained about the fact that the cashier was talking too much to her and in another she complained that the cashier did not talk to her much. This just proves how nuts she is. I feel bad for her husband.


"nice story, we've heard it over and over again. dumb ***

Just shows that she is proud of her side business. Guess she needs a job and her husband does not pay for having sex since they are married.


Apparently you have a new complaint. One at Wendy's.

Maybe you should stay at home since every place you go to you run into a problem. Maybe the problem is you.

Ever thought of that. Every time you complain you prove more of what a fool you are.


nice story, we've heard it over and over again. dumb ***


Today I had another incident at Walmart. I wanted all my purchases for half price because my husband is a big cheese in home office. I told the manager that I am above him because my husband works for home office. I told the manager that if I don't get what I want my husband will fired him and everyone who I don't like. The manager still refused to budge. He told me just because I am sleeping with his boss does not give him a right to treat his employees like this.

I went and told my husband what happened. I demanded he fire the manager. My husband said no and asked me to stop going to all the stores and harassing the managers and employees. Then he wanted me to sleep with him. He wanted to rub my *** and he wanted me to give him a ***. I said not unless he fired all employees that did not give me what I wanted. He said ***. I told him he had to sleep on the couch. He told me that it won't be him sleeping on the couch but that it would have to me ME sleeping on the couch since all I do is watch TV and eat pork rinds and gain weight. I told him I could not fit on the couch. He said too bad so sad.

I threatened to divorce him if he does not fire the manager and employee who refused to help me while on lunch break. When I told him this his reply was.

"Is that a promise or threat."


Why don't you shove your dollar and your diet Coke up your *** you snippety ***


Are you sure your husband is not a *** because yo sound like you are in the first grade. Tell me where you work so I can yell at you on your work and demand you help me.


You really need to learn how to treat people. The Associates in this store did nothing wrong. I dont blame the store manager for ignoring he could just see what kind of *** you actually are.


I am sorry that you are a hypocrite. Stores are indeed disposing self checkout counters due to a variety of reasons. Theft is a valid reason and the cashier was simply mentioning that it was one of the sole reasons why the store did not have it. She was not accusing you of theft, get over it.

If you get a cashier who is willing to talk to a customer, consider that a good thing. That was superb customer service on the associate's part.

I am glad that I am not your husband. I would have divorced you a long time ago with the negative attitude you have towards other human beings.

Humanity goes a far way, and evidently you don't have it.


I wouldn't file a complain with your husband - home office janitors don't carry that much weight. Besides, I wouldn't want you to beat your husband because he talked to you without permission.

Maybe when I go to home office I can yell at your husband while he's on his lunch break because he didn't stock Charmin Ultra in the men's room.


Katie, it seems like her problem is she thinks because her husband is sort of their boss, she can treat them like dirt. She has entitlement issues.


I thought all of the associates were nice to you. You have a very bad attitude.

Is your husband allowed to talk to you?

Maybe you should stay away from the public. We don't need your nastiness.


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