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I moved to Bentonville, AR from California a few weeks ago because my husband got a job at the Walmart home office there. I started shopping at the Walmart there in town and had a horrible experience.

First off, I have always used the self checkout at WM, but they don't have them at this location. I told the cashier when I had no choice but to check out with her that I wasn't up there to talk to cashiers, and that I also do not like how the store has no self checkouts. She said they were getting rid of them all over now because of high theft on them. She also kept trying to chit chat with me despite me telling her not to talk to me as she rang me up.

I also felt as though she was trying to accuse me of theft by giving me theft as the reason for not having them. She then handed me my receipt at the end with an embarrassed grin and did not thank me. I went up to the store manager who was nearby walking the store that I did not like the cashier's attitude, he seemed unconcerned and did nothing. To make matters worse when I was leaving I decided to get a diet coke from one of the vending machines outside.

The machine ate my dollar up without giving me my drink. At that moment an associate walked by with a fast food meal going into the store. I yelled at him about the machine and he told me I would have to customer service to get my dollar back. He just kept just walking back into the store.

I had to go all the way back in and stand in line to get my dollar back. I have the names of the two associates and the store manager who was rude to me and I will be telling my husband and filing a complaint.

This Walmart does not treat customers well. Especially for a store across from the home office from the company they should know better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I have more things to say. Oh next time, my crack dealer is knocking at my door and I need a fix.


The reason I steal is my drug habit is very expensive. I sell the items I steal.


I also have to admit something else. I only married my husband so I can yell at the employees.

I don't really love him. I just pretended to love him because I wanted to treat people like *** and use his home office position to get them fired. I have told him to fire the manager and two rude employees, he refused so I told him he would have to sleep on the couch and we will not make sweat love by the fireplace until he fires them. I have a four year old daughter, (don't tell him this) but he is not the father.

He did not want to make sweet love to me so I bought him a few beers and got him drunk. Only then did he find me attractive. He however has a low sperm count and the baby is really his brothers. The baby is now four.

I also cheat on him while he is at work and have had 60 different men *** me. They pay me well but I still steal.

I moved because I already *** all the men in Cali dry. Don't tell my husband this though.


Dont even know why anyone would want to talk to a bi*ch who thinks that because her husband works at Home office that she should get special treatment. They got rid of self checkouts because of theft. If they allowed theft to go on than your husband would be out of a job and you would be living on the streets. (I don't know how he puts up with you in the first place). She was not accusing you of theft, you must have low self esteem to assume she was talking about you.(at least you are not bring the race card in this) She was talking about people "forgetting" to ring in items.

As for the associate who was with a fast food meal was on break, why should he help you. Would you like it if someone demanded(not asked nicely but yelled as you claimed) that you help them while they were on break. Maybe if you asked nicely and did not act like you were some big hot shot because your husband (not you) worked at home office that you can treat them like ***.

You must have tricked him into knocking you up and he must have done the right thing by marrying you to give your child a father because no one would marry you based on your personality.

Quit using your husband's position to bully people. You were rude by yelling at someone who was on their lunch break. You can't just treat employees like *** because he works at head office. I hope he tells you to grow up and stop using his job to push people around and divorces you and gets sole custody of your child you tricked him into having with you.


okay everyone. the truth is that I wanted to steal a lot of stuff from Walmart.

I need money for my daily dose of crack and *** to buy from my brothas in the ghetto so I can't spend too much money at Walmart. so I am pissed that the self checkouts weren't there which gave me less of a chance to steal. the soda machine didn't really eat my dollar, I was just trying to get a free soda. I wanted a diet coke since it was a healthier soda to go along with my 10 double cheeseburgers that I was gonna get from McDonalds.

tomorrow, after I get high and smoke some crack, I'm gonna go into Walmart and threaten that cashier so that they'll bring in some self serve checkouts. I hated the cashier because she wasn't white. if it doesn't work out, then I'm gonna go home and verbally abuse my husband.

well I gotta go, my bong and bottle of whiskey are calling my name. good night you losers!


the poster of this story is nothing but a *** she probably thinks she's better than everyone else. so what if they didn't have your precious self check out?

get over it. and you didn't want the cashier to talk to you but you got mad about her not thanking you? then you get mad at an employee for carrying food even though he was probably on his break.

you were basically asking him to help you while he wasn't even clocked in. honestly, you don't deserve help from anyone there you ***


Make sure when you file the complaint to use you and your husbands real name so they can be sure to get rid of him at the earliest chance they can. You have got to be one of the rudest people I have seen comment on this site.

You are nasty and rude to a cashier because you are mad because you couldnt pocket stuff like you did in cali at the self check out units. When the cashier gave a valid reason being mad and knowing she was right and you are likely a thief just made you madder. Then you expect a thank you? you deserved a *** instead.

Then you waddle outside to get a diet coke to guzzle with the fried chicken you just bought and the machine fails to operate properly you howl like a typical roller derby queen at an employee who is underpaid on a meager 20 minute break expecting what? he is going to whip out a buck for you?

You insult even the worst trailer trash.... Get real lady!


1) You made a *** assumption when you were given the correct answer as to why they did away with the self checkout. you are incredibly rude and the cashier did nothing wrong.

Don't expect a "thank you" if you didn't want the cashier to talk to you in the first place.

2) the worker w/ the fast food was obviously on his/her break; not their problem that the machine took your dollar. Was he supposed to give you a dollar out of his own pocket?

Get a grip, lady. I feel bad for your husband.