My friends and I went to this particular Walmart last night to pick up some halloween tee shirts because they were $5.00. While we were there, we decided to check out the halloween makeup and false eyelashes.

I usually avoid Walmart like the plague becuase it almost always crowded, loud, dirty and there is always some screaming snot nosed little brat running around bumping into people and breaking the sound barrier. This time, since we were there after midnight, it wasn't too bad. I thought I was about to have an almost pleasant Walmart expierence. When we got in line, the people in front of us were paying their $50.00 bill in CHANGE!!

Yes, change. We waited patiently as our line was the shortest. The cashier was as rude as rude comes. When it was my turn I asked her how her day was and she glared at me and grunted.

When I got home, my makeup wasn't in the bag. I went back to Walmart with my reciept and the manager wanted to argue with me that I had my stuff. While we were talking, I saw the grunting cashier walk over and put my stuff that I had paid for, in the basket to go back on the shelf.

The manager just said "Oh well. you got your items now, happy?" I understand that Walmart employees have to deal with rude, crazy jerks on a daily basis and that everyone has a bad day from time to time but, those two (Cahsier and manager) need to expel whatever crawled up their backsides!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #205540

I am taking a guess that you are white and the cashier was black. Walmart has become the mecca for reverse discrimination.

They hire uneducated negroids, wet backs and race mixing whites. They call blacks and hispanics minorites? Ha!

Whites are the minority now. Sad but true.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205505

It is every retail store. Kmart, Target.

All the cheap jews who want to save money are too busy not watching their brats and because they have to deal with cheap jews they take it out on us. This is why I went at midnight because the cheap jews want to go when it is crowded after 6pm so they can save electricity and wait a long time. They dont watch their children. Every wonder why lots of Jewish kids are kidnapped, such as Adam Walsh, Jessica Lunsford.

Because their jewish parents care more about arguing with the employees over one penny then their children. This is why I avoid retail stores like the plague. I am willing to pay more to avoid these cheap jews. You never see a Jew in a high priced store because they look for cheap stuff.

Anyways I went to Walmart 10411 North Fwy, Houston, Texas. The manager and cashier were unprofessional. Not only that they are racist. They thought I am Jewish which I am not(I am grateful for that) but they think Jewish people steal so they thought I lied about not reveiving my merchandise and was trying to get a freebie.

jews don't steal they just want cheap stuff at low prices. I bet the manager had people in hitler's army.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205503

They have to deal with rude crazy jerks everyday like yourself.

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