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I received a promotional email from Walmart 1 month ago stating that if I used my Walmart credit card (which I paid off 1 year ago) that I would receive 15 cents per gallon of gas from now until Dec 24 2012. Excited and thinking there is a catch, I called Walmart contact us on there website and spoke with a CS Rep who firmed it was true.

What she explained, i needed to do is go to the pump and put gas in. The credit card bill would automatically correct and give the credit back on a monthly statement. I was also told that if I go to Sams club to NOT place in my Sams Club card at pump becuase it couldn't be used in conjunction with the Sams Card. The only thing as the CS Rep pointed out is that it had to be a Walmart card with the Star onthe front and had to be the one accepted at the pump.

Well first fillup i received 4 cents at the pump thinking the special will surely be detailed on my card. Then my husband and 2 kids used it to fill up. It was great as I knew my savings were building up. Only to find my card didnt reflect the savings upon billing.

When called i was told of more special circumstances around the special price. You have to go to certain places, it is to give it to you at the pump. Things the first rep never shared. The countless Reps and even a manager who placed me on hold then asked another person to cover him on the call to complain.

Shame on you Walmart!!! Now whats even more annoying is daily i keep getting emails from Walmart telling me about the special. Way to rub it in!!! I am done with Walmart.

I paid off my card and its in the the trash.

No more Walmart for me! You have lost my trust!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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