Steger, Illinois

i THE WalMart person was so rude and very nasty to me and my daughter . she works in the deli,all i asked is if this pack of sliced meet was on sale , that the sign said it was ,but the package was priced a different than the sign.

well i asked the other lady in the deli if she could change the tag .neather one had a name tag on .so i dont have a name all i can tell you is she is older about 50+the lady that was so nasty to me an my daughter.

mean wile she had put her hand up at me like telling me to stop, or shout up. I am a very sick lady im waiting for a liver transplant. I only get to town 2 times a month .

So i dont go to walmart to be treated like trash under there feet . Iworked for walmart for 8years

Monetary Loss: $100.

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The deli worker probably put her hand up because she had so many idiots like yourself yammering at her at once and she could only process one at a time.

Do not use your disability as a crutch.

You give the rest of us disabled people a bad name. I am also disabled and do not get out much.

I go out on days when I am well, and I don't expect special treatment. Maybe you need a brain transplant along with your liver.


the sign said it was on sale, they dont retag everything that goes on sale because then when the sale was off they would have to untag everything.. but im guessing with the liver transplant and the fact that this whole complaint seems senseless you probably was drunk.

keep drinking maybe you will die before a liver comes up and some child will get it and live a nice life. even if your not a drunk idi0ts shouldnt be allowed to to get transplants


so.. this whole story over a woman putting her hand up?


"I think the OP is the "nasty" one, expecting a pity party everytime she walks into the store."

But at least in this case her husband is not a home office janitor whom she can use to push people around.


I think the OP is the "nasty" one, expecting a pity party everytime she walks into the store.


how come every person to complain on here tells how sick they are


I doubt the meat that you wanted was on sale. You probably misread the sale promotion. Your English skills are poor.(or pour as you would say it).


Give me a break!!! Your looking for discount meat and the lowest form of consumerism in America.


You are a sick person because you eat garbage.

You are a burden on the healthcare system

And you complain about what you've done to yourself.


Buying meat and produce at walmart is like asking to be injected with a disease. The high ceilings are a nice place for the birds to stay and poo on your food.

Go elsewhere and save your time. People at a real grocery store care at least a little more than the people of walmart.