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Extremely pissed off...after taking time away from my family on Thanksgiving to go to Walmart to the #2 10pm event, I'm appalled with how they handled the whole senernio. First off the event was to start at 10pm (nothing could be done sooner) we got to our local store at approx 9pm, to be advised by Walmart associates that all the TVs were already gone, they had started dispersing tickets for the tv at 8pm therefore leaving nothing left but the 1hour guarantee cards available.

After waiting line for a hour and half, me and my family received 2 of these cards. Now at this point we have missed all the fabulous door buster deals as we had to wait in line for a tv that was already gone before the event started, but had to wait for the cards (no one explained to us that we had to pay for them within a hour of the event ending) as we had shopping to do. Got to the register with 1minute to spare. To go home and I have sit on my computer for hours trying to get these cards registered.

They state insufficient funds. Several calls to Walmart customer service and corporate office, and I still have nothing fixed. They are saying everyone might have to go back down to the store to get the cards registered. Just what I'm wanting to do, waste more gas going down to the store, to wait in line for hours again with these same people I spent Thursday evening with, to have Walmart associate register this *** guarantee card.

This is such a mess. Thinking this is not worth my money or the headache I've now acquired.

Monetary Loss: $296.

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I hope all of you who had issues with the 1 hr guarantee cards have gotten answers for your card issues, for those of you who were not able to register your cards in time the deadline has been extended to allow you to register those in the next couple of days. If the cards are not registered they will revert to regular gift cards with the amount you paid on them. I think the missing taxes issue has also been resolved.


I had a similar incident in the Dayton, OH Wal-Mart. The TVs ran out almost immediately, but I saw multiple people with 2-3 in each cart.

I received my voucher, barely paid for it in time and registered it the next day. Today I received an email that the item was out of stock/back ordered and that if it is not available in 10 days they will cancel my order and refund my money. I guess the 1 hr guarantee doesn't mean much.

I don't want my money back, I want the TV I've already paid for at the Black Friday price. I hope you have better luck with your TV.


First off I was NOT looking for sympathy. I was simply stating the facts that its extremely unprofessional for walmart to state an event starts at 10pm when in fact they actually gave out vouchers for these particular items at the 8pm event.

I had no problem getting the 1hr guarantee card, but its false advertisement how they went about this sale. Now the bigger issues were with how the handled these 1hr guarantee cards. I ended up on the phone for several days with Walmart.com and the customer service line at the local Walmart store, one constantly putting it off on another. Finally was told I would have to go into the store and have them deal with my card (I was tax exempt, card said insufficient funds).

Went into the store and spent another 2 1/2 hrs with them trying to figure out how to fix this issue, as they wanted me to pay the tax since I was having to order the tv online and it was being sent to a washigton store, they couldn't waive the taxes. I wasn't going to pay taxes as I originally paid for this tv in the store, not my fault this is how they set up their event. Store was going to pay the taxes, Walmart.com told them no at first, but a supervisor finally approved this, and we got out TVs ordered. It's now been a week, I've gotten proof that one of my TVs is ready to ship, but nothing on the second tv.

The associates at the local Walmart said they did way more planning this year and had way less success on this Black Friday, less planning last year and way MORE success.


Do you really expect sympathy for someone who is dumb enough to complain about something being sold out on a special purchase? also, you get extra *** points for trying to make people feel so sad.


I feel your pain about the terrible way the 1 hour guarantee has been handled, but when you say, " I took time away from my family," I have to tell you that that was YOUR CHOICE, not Walmart's so I dont feel bad for that part. Sorry.


I too went down to the local walmart for the 1 hour guaranteed Ipad...was only 3 people back from the last customer that received the in stock Ipads. Was told they were all out and everyone else was getting the Guarantee card.

We went over how the card worked with the associate and specifically asked the if we had to wait to pay here at the store and was told "no you pay online when you register your card and you have until midnight on sunday to do this". So everyone that got the card left the line and went on shopping, didn't realize till later when I read the inside of the card (after midnight of course as I had other shopping to do) that you had to pay before midnight! Nice that the employees even knew anything about the promotion that they were explaining to the customers. I'm sure everyone that got one in line with me are out the product.

I have now spent hours on the phone with walmart and everyone passes you down to someone else that doesn't answer their phone. I have spent countless times on the phone now waiting for someone to answer that never does. The last call I was told the manager would call me back in 5 minutes (he was standing there just refused to take my call)....that was over 2 hours ago. I am sure I will never hear back from him as I have not had the courtesy of anyone respond to this mess.

I have already been told by Walmart.com that it's a store matter and the store tells me to contact walmart.com. Does anyone is this company know what they are doing?

You would think that seeing it was a store mistake they would honor the guarantee, we obviously were all there to pay as we all stood in line for hours! The manager at walmart.com point blank told me that this promotion totally backfired and has been a total disaster....I agree!